Best Entry-Level Elliptical Machine? Life Fitness E1 Go Cross-Trainer

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May 10 2020
Best Entry-Level Elliptical Machine - Life Fitness E1 Go Cross-Trainer
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The Life Fitness E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer With Go Console Review

Life Fitness has been a trusted fitness equipment company for more than 45 years and they manufacture some of the best elliptical machines on the market. Although extremely well known and popular in the commercial gym equipment market, it’s creativeness and product quality has extended to the home use market. Their cardiovascular equipment has evolved through the years, now offering machines that are well rounded and reliable.

The Life Fitness ethos of healthy living is enforced throughout the company, showing that this company is dedicated to fitness. Their Headquarters boast staff group workouts daily as they believe they need to use their own products daily to practice what they preach. The E1 Go is aimed at home exercisers of all levels, Life Fitness has used its experience to create a smooth, low impact and ultra-quiet machine. Its basic design provides a natural stride motion and excellent durability.

You can buy the Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine with Go Console here:

Key Facts:

WhisperStride Technology

This machine is ideal for home use It’s bearings are frictionless to make sure you have a completely silent experience without disturbing family members. Ideal for those needing to exercise before work, early in the morning or late at night.

Smooth Natural Motion

The E1 Go’s basic design promotes optimal biomechanics, creating a path that feels smooth, natural and fluid. Designed by biomechanics experts with silence and performance in mind An excellent choice for a home elliptical trainer.

The Life Fitness E1 Go Elliptical In Use In a Home

Go Console Display

The E1 Go’s display is aimed at those who want ease of use along with motivation workout programs. The medium sized blue LCD lit screen is of sleek and attractive design, it gives all the basic workout data such as; speed, distance, calories, time. It also offers more advanced features such as; 12 pre-set workout programs, 2 user profiles for those who like to save their settings and 2 customizable programs.

You can buy the Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine with Go Console here:


This machine includes 20 resistance levels which is enough to make this suitable for beginners all the way up to advanced exercisers. It also includes oversized non-slip pedals that ensure safety and comfort for any user.


This basic design yet high performance machine offers extensive coverage with low maintenance. Perfect for those who like low hassle equipment. The sturdy frame has a lifetime guarantee, 5 year’s coverage on the maintenance and electrical components, 3 years on the console and 1 year labor. Unless you live outside of the US where this may vary.

Does This Elliptical Come Pre-assembled?

No, but this is one of the easiest home ellipticals to put together. It will be delivered in a few pieces and can be put together by one person in around 20 minutes.

Is This Elliptical Right For Me?

If your main priority is silence and low maintenance this is the perfect machine, but if you’re looking for hi-tech there are better options.

Does It Need A Power Source?

Yes, this machine is not self-generating and will fit with any normal power outlet.

E1 Go Elliptical Rear View

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Elliptical?

The main reason to choose this over a treadmill is that it is an activity that provides resistance with little impact. Those who have injuries or usually feel pain whilst running we find this to be an excellent alternative.

Does This Product Have Moveable Arms?

Yes, this machine provides the option of a total body workout using the moving arms or static position handles for those wanting to focus on the lower body. Both handles include heart rate monitors.

How Big Is The Console Display?

The included Go console is an LCD blue lit display and is 3” x 5”, it is a basic screen which offers a lot of workout data.

What Does The Display Data Include?

Calories, Watts, Level, METs, Distance, Target Heart Rate, Time and Heart Rate.

How Long Is The Stride Length?

The stride length is 20” which is adequate for even the tallest users, it also has an oversized foot platform for stride adjustments.

How Does The Life Fitness E1 Look?

A little low tech compared to other options but it has got a club inspired look with a titanium finish.

Does It Use Much Energy When Not In Use?

The E1 Go comes with energy saving technology that reduces the energy used by 90% when it is on but not in use.

What Accessories Does It Come With?

The main bonus accessory is the heart rate monitor chest strap, which is a great included addition. Most ellipticals or even treadmills you would have to purchase this separately. The E1 Go also comes with an accessory tray.

What Drive System Does It Have?

This machine has a link 6 drive system from the rear. Good for those who want to focus on the posterior part of the legs.

What Is The Max User Weight?

As a well-built machine this will be able to handle up to 400lbs.

What Is The Height Of The Machine?

The height is 59” suitable for most standard home rooms.

Is the E1 Go Good Value For Money?

The E1 retails for $2,199.00, but many sellers offer it at a much lower price, which we display above and below. This is the cheapest elliptical that Life Fitness offer. It’s a good basic choice but there are better options if you want added extras such as an audio system or IPhone compatibility.

Is This Product Durable?

You will find this machine to be reliable backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Does It Need Much Maintenance?

No, the addition of maintenance free bearings that also eliminate noise and friction ensure this machine is pretty much just ‘get on and go’.

Is It A Space Saving Design?

The E1 is designed to fit into any room, although it does not have a foldable option. The dimensions of this machine are 82” L x 30” W x 59” H.

What Workout Can I Use To Burn Fat With This Elliptical?

When trying to optimize the elliptical for fat burning, plan a few weeks of training ensuring that one workout builds upon the next. For example, if you are doing steady state cardio (only one constant speed) add 5 minutes per week to each session.

If you are using interval training (periods or fast or heavy resistance followed by lighter work to recover) add a resistance level each session or perform sets of 1-2 minutes fast followed by 1-2 minutes slow adding a set each week.

How Can I Use This Elliptical To Improve My Cardiovascular health?

For those who don’t already exercise or have low motivation, opt for brisk walking, dancing, gardening, totalling 150 minutes per week: Option 1 - 20 minutes walking x 7 days per week Option 2 - 30 minutes walking x 5 days per week Option 3 - 50 minutes walking x 3 days per week

Recommended Exercise and Activity

If you are a little more advanced or want to increase your results, go for 75 minutes per week but at a higher intensity:

  • Option 1 - 25 minutes running/cycling/resistance x 3 days per week
  • Option 2 - 15 minutes running/cycling/rowing/resistance x 5 days per week
  • Option 3 - 10 minutes running/cycling/rowing/resistance x 7 days per week

E1 Go console From Life Fitness

What’s The My Gym Expert Verdict?

If you are looking for an easy to use machine that’s simply get on and go, you won’t find many more user friendly than the Life Fitness E1 Go. The quietness of this machine due to its WhisperStride technology is also a great feature for those hesitant to buy home gym equipment due to the noise created.

You will find the experience of this machine enjoyable and comfortable due to its ergonomic design, the movement is very fluid and the oversized foot pedals allow you to customize your stride a little. If Life Fitness were to improve this product they could add in cooling fans and speakers which a lot of other models offer as standard. However, as an entry level model, it gives everything needed for a good workout.

Elliptical Trainer Tips:

  1. Make sure you have a plan. Although sometimes it’s good to just jump on and do what you can, to stay motivated long term set some goals and hold yourself accountable to reaching them
  2. Don’t slouch! Posture is an important part in performance and injury prevention, stand tall with your shoulders back and core tight
  3. Use the moving arms! Using as many muscle groups as possible in a total body workout will help you burn more calories and get a better all-round workout
  4. Don’t use the same routine over and over. Your body can adapt to exercise very quickly especially aerobic training, mix up your workout duration and intensity for better results
  5. Use an IPad only when needed. If you’re on the machine whilst watching a program or reading, chances are you’re not getting a very effective workout. But if the method you’ve chosen is long slow duration this may help you stay motivated
  6. Use strength exercises alongside elliptical work. Jump off and perform some squats, lunges or press ups for example, this is a great way to ensure you’re getting all the benefits of exercise

You can buy the Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine with Go Console here:

Here is a great video produced by Life Fitness that explains all the features of the E1 Elliptical, our best elliptical trainer for entry-level use at home.

E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Features [Video]