Best Value Elliptical Machine - The Octane Fitness Q35x

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May 10 2020
Best Value Elliptical Machine - The Octane Fitness Q35x
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Why is the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical a must have?

This machine is ranked #2in our top rated elliptical trainers list so here is our detailed look at the best value elliptical you can buy.

Octane Fitness dedicate their designs exclusively to making zero-impact cardio machines. Perfect for those using an elliptical to rest their joints whilst still being able to get a good workout. These machines also work well for those with injuries, lower back pain and for the elderly.

The company was started in 2001 by two industry veterans who’s first machine was sold within 45 minutes of delivery to a retailer, who understood its innovation and quality. They continued to make breakthroughs with new designs and technology. in 2013 they launched SmartLink, a free app that connects to and controls Octane ellipticals. Giving tracking, support and entertaining workouts for customized results.

To date Octane Fitness machines have won 70 Best Buy Awards from various top review companies.

Octane Fitness Q35x Best Value Elliptical Machine

The Q35x promises high quality and high performance at unbeatable value. All octane machines pride themselves on their natural feel and smooth ride, this model doesn't disappoint. In addition to the performance this model has some added workout boosters to make your experience even better; X-mode, GluteKicker and Arm blaster will challenge you and give you the choice to get very specific on the areas you want to focus on more. Great for those who like to customize workouts.

You can buy the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine here (lowest price: $2,699.00 ):

There are 4 key features that distinguish the Q35x to its competitors:

  • Upper Body Ergonomics, the Q35x is surprisingly short and compact compared to competitor ellipticals or treadmills. Allowing this machine to fit conveniently into any room in your house, it also benefits from low ceiling height clearance. The upper body handlebars allow for a large range of motion, increasing the efficiency and calorie burn of your workout
  • Real Running Motion, designed with running biomechanics in mind, the movement both forward and backwards allows for comfortable flow whilst reducing stress on joints. The pedals are close together making sure you achieve proper postural alignment for safety and efficiency
  • Strength Attachment Points, an excellent feature from Octane Fitness offering the chance to take your training to the next level. Attachment points at the base of the machine allows you to anchor Powerbands for a variety of strength exercises.

Its standard features include a large display screen which shows all the essential workout data such as time, speed, calories and distance. A contact heart rate monitor point and 8 preset workout programs also come as standard.

Q-Series Eliptcial Machines From Octane Fitness [Video]

Is The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Hard To Assemble?

This machine does require some assembly with basic tools such as allen wrenches. It may require two people to lift as it being so durable makes it heavy.

Is this a quiet elliptical?

Yes, every precaution has been made to keep performance high and noise low. You could easily use this machine in the morning without disturbing family members. QuadLink drive provides a close to silent experience and low impact.

How many resistance levels are there?

This machine offers 20 levels of resistance easily adjustable and customized through the console or app. Remember whatever machine you choose this is an essential feature, the more levels the better.

How big is the stride length?

The pedals offer a generous 20.5” stride path, the upper body levels also provide a large range of motion movement for extra calorie burn. Which is also perfect for taller users. It has a very ergonomic design which also features 1.8” spacing between pedals allowing for perfect alignment when exercising and a low step up height.

Is the console easy to use?

The console is very user friendly and simple to use even for beginners, the standard workout statistics are easily visible and show clear feedback data on speed, calories burned, distance, time and more. The handlebars will also allow you to see an accurate heart rate when gripped and will also work alongside chest strap heart rate monitors, although the strap is not included.

The Control Panel Of The Octane Fitness Best Value Elliptical Trainer

The Q35x Console is easy to use once you get the hang of it

You can buy the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine here (lowest price: $2,699.00 ):

What are the preset programs like?

This model starts with 8 preset workout programs to keep you motivated and to offer you different challenges. The standard programs range from hills and intervals but the addition of special workout boosters make these much more interesting. GluteKicker, X-Mode and ArmBlaster give you the chance to focus on areas that may need more attention to sculpt.

What are Body-Mapping Ergonomics?

Octane Fitness use their experience alongside biomechanics experts to deliver an ultra fluid motion that follows a perfectly aligned path for your body for optimal performance and to reduce the risk of injury.

Is this machine safe when not in use?

If you have children around and are worried about the machine sitting around in a room, the Q35x offers Mom Safety Mode which disables the console buttons and stops the arms from moving.

Is there a space for a tablet?

Yes, which is great if your linking to the SmartLink app. Although this is not a added tablet holder that doesn't cover the display.

What is SmartLink?

This allows you to store your workout data and track your results. Its a free app that connects wirelessly and allows you to control your elliptical from your mobile device. You will have access to  lots of other programs that will make your workout fun and efficient.

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Trainer Review [Video]

You can buy the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine here (lowest price: $2,699.00 ):

What's The Difference Between This Elliptical And One That Costs Under $1000?

Other than less features and specific workout boosters, the quality of other cheaper machines are harder to guarantee. Cheaper parts means less durability and less comprehensive warranties, the performance will feel limited and at speeds will feel less sturdy. Machines that have not taken body mapping or ergonomics into account can lead to injury and overuse of certain muscles, causing imbalances in the body.

Does it come with a warranty?

Octane Fitness offer a lifetime warranty on the frame which shows excellent confidence in the quality and durability. They also offer five years warranty on parts, plus two years labour. A very comprehensive warranty.

How Can I Perform Intervals On An Elliptical Trainer?

Interval training is a great way to challenge your fitness and burn fat, if you want a tough workout give this example a whirl:

Workout A

  1. 5 minute warm up @ 50% MHR
  2. 2 mins @ 60% MHR
  3. 2 mins @80% MHR
  4. x 8
  5. 5 minute cool down @ 40% MHR

Workout B

  1. 5 minute warm up @ 50% MHR
  2. 90 secs @ 60%
  3. 30secs @ 90%
  4. x 8
  5. 5 minute cool down @ 40%

Octane Fitness Q35x Best Value Elliptical Machine

You can buy the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine here (lowest price: $2,699.00 ):

How Can I Perform Cross-Training On The Q35x Elliptical?

This machine doesn't just limit you to cardiovascular activity, as normal you can add in extra exercises using the space surrounding. But as an added perk this machine comes with attachment points for resistance bands. The bands can be used to create resistance exercises, an important factor of any training program no matter your goal. Resistance training can help fat loss, flexibility, joint health, diabetes and more. Here is an example training program to utilise this machines full features:

  • 5 minute warm up @50% MHR
  • 2 minute sprint @75%+ MHR
  • 15 resistance band squat to press
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 15 tricep kickbacks
  • 30secs plank
  • x 6
  • 5 minute cool down @40% MHR

*MHR = Max Heart Rate. You can estimate this by the equation 220-your age.

What type of drive system does it have?

The Q35x is one of the smoothest motion machines available, Its front drive positioning allows you utilise the full range upper body movement and focuses on the front of the legs.

Is the machine heavy?

The product total weight is 210lbs, it is a fairly compact machine with a low height.

How much height is added when standing on the pedals?

The Q35x has a low step up, for those who struggle to get up onto other machines you will find this very easy. It only adds on ten inches in height when standing on the pedals.

How does this machine connect to a power source?

This is not a self generating machine and needs to be connected to a power source. The lead is fairly hidden under the large base and does not look messy.

Q35x Product Manual

If you want to take a look at the Q35x product manual to understand the machine better before you buy you can download it right here: Q35x Product Manual

The Octane Fitness Q35x Is The Best Value Elliptical For Home Use

You can buy the Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine here (lowest price: $2,699.00 ):

So What’s The Verdict On The Octane Fitness Q35x?

The Q35x is a very comfortable machine, the stride length and upper body handlebars work smoothly together and give a large range of motion. The spacing between the pedals is small allowing for natural alignment which helps on long bouts of exercise. Workout Boosters offer an excellent added features especially for those who like to customize their workouts better. This elliptical is built to be durable and space efficient, its very compact to save space and the added safety mode is an excellent feature.

In addition to the smoothness of the ride, the quietness of the machine is very impressive. The only negative I could pick up on is that its a tad overpriced for the features available, some other machines in the same category match these features but beat it on price. But don't be put off, even at this price its a great investment. One that will prove to be a smart move later down the line as it will last even with regular hard use.

Without a doubt, one of the best elliptical machines we have looked at and the best bang for your buck for the quality.

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