Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Review : Is This Elliptical Worth It?

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May 10 2020
Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Elliptical Machine Review
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Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine Review

Flywheel Details Of The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 In This ReviewThe M7 is one of our best elliptical machines and a top-of-the-line cardio machine by the ever creative Bowflex. Bowflex pride themselves on offering a variety of fitness equipment solutions for the home, that function great but also save space.

We already feature two of their home gym options on our top ten list, if you have purchased either of them, adding this to your gym will make it complete.

This model features enhanced dual mode LCD/LED displays, aerobar grips with heart rate and resistance adjustments, as well as commercial grade handles. It has sports performance racing pedals as well as performance workout programs.

When you train on the M7 it stores and responds to you, adjusting and helping coach you to your needs. The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine will push you in every workout.

Bowflex have delivered an exceptional full body training machine, that is sure to burn calories fast whilst still offering zero impact against the joints. Having zero impact means you can work out safely for longer without the risk of injury.

Bowflex is the brand name from the company Nautilus. An American company that market, develop and manufacture home fitness equipment brands. The company originated in 1986, where Arthur Jones created the Nautilus Machine, one of the first home functional training machines.

The Bowflex brands includes cardio machines such as the Bowflex Max Trainer and Bowflex TreadClimber, the SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 Home Gym and the Bowflex Revolution.

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Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Review Console DetailDual Mode Display

The M7 is fitted with a high contrast, oversized LCD/LED display which includes Interval Mode for Interval Training (Max 7 Min Interval, Max 14 Min Interval, Max 21 Min Interval, Power Interval, Calorie Goal, Steady Pace

) and Performance Mode for my standard type training (Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs, Manual, Fitness Test).

Syncs with Max Trainer App

This app is available on Apple IOS and Android Devices. This app effortlessly connects to the M7 to track calories, watts and more. It records and stores every workout to make sure you’re continuously improving. It also syncs your data to MyFitnessPal the number one calorie tracking app in the world. It can also sync with Google Fit and Apple Health.

High Resistance Levels

This model comes with 20 levels of smooth computer controlled resistance. As well as 11 preset training programs.

Compact Size

Bowflex are known for engineering one of a kind machines. In this case, they have taken what is usually one of the largest machines and made it compact without having to lose features.

Zero Impact

The design of the M7 is made to be completely zero impact and ergonomic. It is silent in use, even at the higher resistance levels. Although there is no impact you can easily get a very tough workout from this machine!

Heart Rate Monitors

The Bowflex M7 includes a wireless heart rate strap as well as heart rate grips. The grips are integrated contact monitors that also connect to the Max App.

Bowflex Max Trainer: The Best 14 Minute Workout [Video]

Bowflex Max M7 Elliptical FAQ’s

  1. What is the length of this machine? The Bowflex M7 is 49” long
  2. What is the width of this machine? The Bowflex M7 is 30.5” wide
  3. What is the height of this machine? The Bowflex M7 is 65.5” tall
  4. What is the minimum ceiling height? The minimum ceiling height is your height + 15”
  5. What is the maximum user weight? The maximum user weight is 300lbs
  6. What is the assembled weight of this product? The product weight once assembled is 148lbs
  7. Can the Bowflex M7 be moved once assembled? Yes, this product comes with integrated transport rollers
  8. What power source does this elliptical need? There is an AC Adaptor included with purchase
  9. What is the warranty like? With this model Bowflex offer a 3-year warranty, as a brand they are usually very reliable as they have limited parts that can go wrong
  10. Do the grips on the handles last? Yes, this model comes with commercial grade premium grips that should last forever for home use
  11. Is the display easy to use? Yes, the screen is oversized with a backlit display. It has all your basic relevant information and is very simple to use
  12. What accessories does it have? This model comes with a wireless heart rate monitor chest strap, an integrated water bottle holder and media shelf. Utilizing the media shelf will enable you to get online, connecting to more apps that could motivate and support you
  13. How many levels of resistance are there? The Bowflex M7 has 20 levels of resistance
  14. Is this unit recommended for beginners? The M7 has plenty of settings that a beginner can use, it is a very diverse piece of kit catering for all levels
  15. Is there an extended warranty available? Yes, many user purchase extended warranties for this machine
  16. Does this machine fold down to save space? No, this machine does not fold down due to its already extremely small foot space. This is a space saving machine
  17. Is this machine noisy? No, there is only a slight humming sound when in use but this is quiet and not annoying
  18. Is it hard to assemble? By yourself it can take a couple of hours to assemble, it is not the easiest piece of home kit to assemble but if you have someone helping you it can be done a lot faster.
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So, What’s the verdict?

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Elliptical Review Foot Plate DetailThe Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is the top of the range model from Bowflex. It’s the elliptical with all the bells and whistles, it’s a premium priced product but for good reason, it’s stylish and compact whilst high performing.

The 20 levels of resistance, preset workout programs such as; Max 7 Min Interval, Max 14 Min Interval, Max 21 Min Interval, Power Interval, Calorie Goal, Steady Pace. Offer great performance advantages to this space saving machine.

The integrated contact grips and wireless heart rate monitor, alongside the Max Trainer App makes it easy to track and progress your training. Goal setting with the app will help you keep motivated, stay on track and keep you heading towards your goal.

The display console is large, easy to read and use, it also looks good with the backlit display. It connects to Bluetooth and has a tablet holder so you can bring up external fitness apps or simply watch a movie to help keep you working. The arm grips are comfortable, high quality and sure to last even through the most vigorous use.

Our experience with the M7 started with fast delivery and an assembly time around 90 minutes. We have researched this machine thoroughly and in real life it didn’t disappoint.

After tax, it costed around $2300 with free shipping and a free mat. It looks like the free shipping is not always available from every seller, so check that. The main box was large and heavy, difficult to move alone. The large box has most of the metal parts so once that is moved all the heavy lifting is done, the lighter box just has the main unit and a few small pieces. The parts were neatly, safely labelled and packaged.

The tools provided by Bowflex are fine to put together the machine, although it always takes longer than planned. The electronics console seems to be the more difficult thing to attach. Once the machine was assembled I began to create my user profile adding such details as my weight, and I downloaded the Max Trainer App.

The machine is very smooth, quiet and easy to use. I started lightly and the machine felt comfortable with no pressure on my joints, once I was warm after ten minutes I started to push the pace with some short intervals, I worked for forty-five seconds fast and forty-five seconds slow and repeated this eight times. This is a tough workout for all levels and abilities.

How to Assemble your Bowflex Max Trainer M7 [Video]

Elliptical machines are great for those looking for a low impact alternative to running. If you’re a beginner this will give you a chance to ease into training, helping your body get used to exercise without the risk of injury to the common areas such as the lower back.

Alternatively, if you’re an athlete and do sports, training hard all week can take a toll on the body. If you need to train some cardio but are too sore to run the elliptical can be a great low impact or recovery tool.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7: Do you have 14 minutes? [Video]

How could Bowflex improve the M7?

For a premium priced item, personally, I think it should come with a better warranty as standard. Although there is an option to purchase an extended warranty, some cardio machines in this price range have very comprehensive ones as standard.

The assembly time is also a bit taxing, if you’re a novice or simply not good at this type of work then you should seek help. If you have the patience to stick it out for a couple of hours then you will definitely feel accomplished.

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The 14 Minute Bowflex Max Trainer Workout: See the Max Trainer in Action! [Video]

Overall this is a great space saving option from Bowflex, it won’t be overpowering in rooms, looks good and performs well. For ellipticals in the $2000+ price range this is a top ten favourite. It well deserves it's place in our best elliptical machines list.

Bowflex Max Trainer: The Best 14 Minute Workout [Video]

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