Is The LifeSpan E3i Cross-Trainer The Quietest Elliptical Machine?

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May 10 2020
Is The LifeSpan E3i Cross-Trainer The Quietest Elliptical Machine?
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LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Review

Another of our recommended elliptical machines, the E3i from Lifespan was introduced in 2016. In short, because it's so quiet, we rate this the best elliptical for apartments.  LifeSpan have become a trusted name for quality and innovative products worldwide. They specialize in unique solutions for the workplace, for the home, gym and everywhere in between. LifeSpan have created three different category solutions for the fitness market;

LifeSpan Fitness

An impressive line of home and commercial use equipment. If your goal is to lose weight, train for competition or simply improve your health this category will have something uniquely for you. Expect quality hardware, state of the art technology and great value.

LifeSpan Workplace

The company became world famous through their active office movement, with a promise to create solutions to bringing more activity to the workplace. Products such as treadmill desks (see Top Ten Treadmills) and bike desks allow for professionalism, good performance and zero disruption and great value.

Lots of companies at least purchase a treadmill desk for open use to anyone in the office. This encourages healthy lifestyle habits as well as productivity.

LifeSpan Club

The club is a free membership feature for clients to get information on health and fitness. As well as, setting challenges, keeping workout data, setting goals and staying motivated. This is a great addition to the product range, it shows LifeSpan don’t just care about the sale but that you get the results you’re after and are supported along the way.

LifeSpan have created an excellent reputation within the health and fitness industry. They consistently receive awards from top magazines and article reviews.

We found the Lifespan e3i elliptical to be the quietest on test

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The Quiet e3i Elliptical

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer is the top of the line entry for LifeSpan. A strikingly good looking machine that is all steel and has robotically welded frames and a heavy-duty flywheel for smoothness in performance and a silent ride.

The cutting-edge components add to the solid design of the E3i, which will give you years of whisper quiet use. It is engineered to be both comfortable and safe, the stride is designed to mimic your body’s natural movement pattern closely reducing the chance of injury and helping efficiency of performance.

The stride length is 20” which is the perfect amount for an elliptical machine, it also has 21 built in workout programs. CoreBalance Technology which is exclusive to LifeSpan, helps identify force changes in the pedals through integrated pedal sensors, it then displays this data straight to the console allowing you to make amendments to avoid imbalances. It helps you to distribute your efforts more evenly allowing for stronger and safer performance.

The ramp has 20 different levels for you to adjust to your comfort, this works well if you’re tall or short. Or just looking to change up your movement pattern to isolate certain muscle groups.

The E3i is easy to use and the console clearly shows all the workout data you need to succeed, it has an on-board USB port so you can save each workout result. The console is also Bluetooth compatible allowing for wireless workout data to be transferred directly to your workout data, this can then further be linked to LifeSpan Club.

For a Fully Functional But Quiet Elliptical Cross Trainer The E3i Wins

Key Features:

CoreBalance Technology – This technology uses sensors built into the pedals that calculate the exact force being independently produced by the left and right sides of the body. The effort level of each side is displayed on the console providing live performance details to help you perfect your form and outline weaknesses you may have. Cardiovascular training is all about efficiency, the better your form, the longer and harder you can train for. If your body has large imbalances for a long period of time this is where injury can occur, LifeSpan have designed this technology so that you can readjust before your body gets to this stage.

Heavy Flywheel – When looking at elliptical machines the weight of the flywheel matters. The heavy it is the smoother your experience will be, the quieter it will be at high speeds and it’s simply more durable. Light flywheels tend to struggle performance wise and often become noisy with hard use. The E3i offers an excellent heavy and high quality front drive flywheel.

Workout Programs – The E3i comes with 17 pre-made workout programs designed to keep you challenged and supported every step of the way. As well as 2 customizable user profiles and 2 heart rate based programs. Compared to other elliptical machines in this price range this is a generous number of programs and the user profile are perfect for those wanting a machine for multiple users.

Club Membership – The USB drive on the console can transport data to LifeSpan Club, your free account allows you to access your very own dashboard with all your workout data stored and graphed out in an easy to read fashion. It tracks the minutes you’ve exercised, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. You can also track health data such as weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, BMI and body fat.

Price – For around the $1500 mark you will find it hard to find a machine to compare the E3i with. The added features, quality of build and performance features such as CoreBalance, variety of workout programs, customizable stride length are impressive features for such a low price.

CES 2016 | LifeSpan Fitness E3i Elliptical [Video]

Lifespan e3i FAQ’s

  1. What is the length of the E3i? The length of this machine is 80”
  2. What is the width? The width of this machine is 24”
  3. What is the height? The height of this machine is 69”
  4. What is the step-up height? The step-up height for this machine is 12”
  5. What is the stride length? The stride length for this machine is 20”
  6. What is the pedal spacing distance? The pedals are 3.9” apart, which is designed to fit your body’s natural biomechanics
  7. How many incline levels does the ramp have? The ramp has 20 levels of incline
  8. How heavy is the flywheel? The flywheel is 34lbs which is 10lbs heavier than the next model down
  9. How many resistance levels does the LifeSpan E3i have? This machine has 20 levels of resistance
  10. How many roller wheels do the pedals have? This machine has dual roller wheel pedals
  11. What is the maximum user weight? The maximum user weight for this machine is 375lbs, 25lbs more than standard machines. The weight also helps reducing in noise as well as performance
  12. How much does it Weigh? This machine weighs 240lbs
  13. What is the shipping weight? The shipping weight for this machine is 245lbs
  14. Does it have a power or manual incline? The machine controls all the incline features. You do not have to manually adjust the ramp
  15. Is this machine quiet? The solid steel frame, high quality parts, alongside the heavy flywheel makes this one of the most silent elliptical machines around
  16. What is the warranty like? LifeSpan offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years’ parts and two years’ labor. This is a good warranty for an elliptical of this price
  17. Is it Bluetooth compatible? The console is Bluetooth enabled although the receiver is not included with purchase, if you do set up Bluetooth you will be able to wirelessly connect to the Club membership, with your very own account to store your workout data and health results. You will also receive access to ActiveTrac, an app that syncs your workout data to your Smart Phone. The best part is that once you purchase the E3i membership is free.
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LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer [Video]

So, What’s the Verdict?

The LifeSpan E3i Elliptical offers excellent value for money, the quality of build and features make this a stand out product in the $1500 price range and this is the reason it’s made our Top Ten Home Elliptical List.

We love the key features of this machine, the CoreBalance Technology is genius and opens up a whole new dimension to injury prevention and performance.

The customizable features such as the incline, resistance and user profiles ensure you will be able to make this machine comfortable allowing you to train harder and longer than ever before.

Offering 20 levels of incline and 20 levels of resistance is very generous at this price range and is close to products double its price.

To improve the E3i could add features such as cooling fans, although a lot of people don’t mind this being left out, for some people it’s an absolute must.

Lifespan E3i Cross Trainer Full Featured Operating Console

Also, quick keys would be another great addition to this machine, a few higher priced products offer this and it’s a great option for those who like interval training and want to move quickly between resistance.

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In conclusion LifeSpan as a company are hugely impressive, the E3i is the top of the range elliptical and they have tried to make a statement with it using some unique technology. And it’s worked.

If you want a fair priced, high performing, great looking, very quiet and a top-rated elliptical machine look no further than the LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer.

LifeSpan: Elliptical Cross Trainers [Video]

LifeSpan: Elliptical Cross Trainers