Best Value Home Gym Review - The Body-Solid Powerline P2X

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May 10 2020
Best Value Home Gym Review - The Body-Solid Powerline P2X
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The Body-Solid Powerline P2X

The P2X is another entry from Body-Solid in our top-rated home gym reviews table. All Body-Solid products feature high quality parts and materials, with durable components.

Body Solid have an excellent safety record, as engineering starts with a strong, rigid body structure. As well as high strength carbon steel being used extensively throughout the frame and cross members with extremely safe connecting points, braces and adjustable components.

The low-profile designs contribute to excellent stability during use. Working out on Body-Solid machines makes you feel safe and secure as they are not just safe but also tough, the advanced steel alloy has the perfect strength to weight ratio and excellent absorbing impact capabilities.

Features like shock-resistant weight stacks, reinforced arms and oversized pivot joints bushings show just how much Body-Solid have concentrated on toughness and durability.

Just because the Body-Solid machines are tough doesn’t mean they’re not comfortable. You will find each machine ergonomically designed, making them user-friendly. The shape and location of every pad and adjustable component feels comfortable and gives a natural feel to each movement.

Weight stacks are placed within easy reach of each station for a quick weight change if you’re looking to do techniques like drop sets or super sets. The bar grips are also comfortable and shaped to perfectly fit the hand.

Lat Pull Demo On The Body Solid Powerline P2X Gym

What makes Body-Solid one of the most popular home gym companies is their affordability, whilst not lacking quality. The offer exceptionally quality, function and durability at a great price. Machines are designed and engineered by experts from the United States, aimed at people who want total body workouts, rehabilitation or conditioning.

The technology used on each machine is designed using state-of-the-art CAD software, which gives them the ability to design the machines in the optimum way for comfort for every size of user.

The P2X is a home gym that adds functional cable pulleys to a traditional home gym, this allows the user to not only perform all the main traditionally strength exercises but to also add in more functional movements.

The pulley system allows you to workout smoothly through a full range of motion, reducing the impact against your joints and allowing for a more natural movement.

The combination of the two sections of this machine gives great versatility whilst also saving space, the pulley system increases the amount of exercises you can perform without adding much more size to the machine.

Body Solid Powerline P2X Home Gym Is Our Best Value Pick

Top Features

Leg Press

The leg press attachment is optional, although we believe essential. The leg press has 2:1 ratio and is designed to eliminate ankle stress whilst providing consistent resistance throughout each lift.

The press plate can pivot to your comfort or if you want to target specific muscle groups, this feature is important as if you have tight hips or ankles a one size fits all leg press may not feel comfortable and could result in injury.

The leg press gives you the ability to utilize a heavy leg exercise without needed a squat rack, the leg press is a safe and effective way to train legs.

Multi-Grip Press Arms

These feature 3-pairs of comfortable and contoured handles that enable you to work various angles of the muscle. Variety of hand position is an important part of upper body training; the shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint which means it is freely movable.

A freely movable joint needs to be challenged in different positions to gain functional strength whilst keeping the joint safe from injury and deterioration. The multi-grip press arms allow for exercises like chest, incline and shoulder presses.

As well as rows for middle and lower lat development. The arms are adjustable as well as the seat and back pads for even greater variety and comfort, allowing flexibility for any user.

Functional Pulleys

The P2X comes with fixed pulleys which allow the user for greater variety in exercises. Pulleys help train the stabilizer muscles and are not only great for those who want to build muscle but also for those training whilst carrying injuries.

You can perform exercises like pec flys, curls, rotations, lateral raises, cable presses and many more. It’s the perfect addition to the main strength stations.

High Pulley Station

The high pulley station allows you to perform perfect lat pull downs with multiple grips, triceps press downs, cable crossovers and many more exercises. Adjustable hold down pads allow you to stabilize yourself when lifting heavy, these are cushioned and comfortable.

Mid Pulley Station

The mid pulley station allows you to target the abs, allowing for a full range weighted crunch motion. Biomechanics studies have been used to ensure this section of the machine is comfortable and effective at targeting the abdominal region.

Leg Station

If you do not purchase the optional leg press unit you can still effectively train legs. As standard, the P2X comes with a leg curl and leg extension machine which will help you develop your hamstrings and quadriceps as well as strengthen your knee joint.

The leg developer features the SmoothGlide Bearing System that combines with the self-aligning leg cuffs to guide you through the exercises smoothly.

Alloy Weight Stack

The advanced alloy weight stacks plates are machine drilled to the exact specifications and employ state-of-the-art nylon bushings for super smooth and quiet operation. You also have the choice of a 50lb upgrade.

Seat Fly With The Body Solid Powerline P2X Gym

Body-Solid Powerline P2X FAQ’s

  • What is the height of the P2X? The P2X is 83” tall
  • What is the width? The P2X is 71 inches wide (including the leg press)
  • What is the length? The P2X is 66” Wide
  • What is the shipping weight? The shipping weight of the P2X is 391 lbs
  • What is the warranty? Body-Solid offer a 10-year Powerline Warranty on the frame and 1 year on parts
  • Can you upgrade the weight? Yes, there is an option to add an extra 50lbs in weight to the machine. You can also add a leg press station for heavy lifting on the legs
  • What is the maximum weight you can lift on this machine? The maximum weight including the 50 lbs add-on is 210 lbs
  • Is assembly difficult? As this is a large solid home gym there is quite a bit of assembly to manage. If you are attempting it yourself try to get some help especially if you don’t have experience with bolts and wrenches. Assembly can take anywhere up to 8hrs for the less experienced
  • Does this machine come with any attachments? No, as standard you will have to buy the attachments separately
  • Can very tall users utilize this machine effectively? Yes, tall users will be able to get full extension in all exercises

How many workout stations does this machine have?

The P2X has 6 main workout stations:

  1. The multi-grip press arms to target the chest shoulders and triceps
  2. The high pulley station to target the back, rear delts and biceps
  3. The mid pulley station to target to abs, obliques and spinal erectors
  4. The functional pulley station for stabilizer muscles
  5. The leg station for hamstrings and quads
  6. The low pulley station for lower and mid back work, as well as biceps curls, upright rows, leg abduction/adduction and shrugs

You also have the leg press option for total lower body development.

It Is Hard To Find A Better Value Gym For Home Use Buy This Body Solid Powerline P2x now!

So, what’s the verdict?

The P2X is a good basic strength machine that is durable and well-built. Novice lifters will gain the most from this machine, while more intermediate lifters may benefit from choosing a home gym with a squat rack with a free barbell, if your goal is strength.

If your goal is general fitness or rehabilitation the combination of the strength stations and the functional pulley is perfect.

The P2X is also great value for money, for under $1200 you get a very well-built machine, that’s compact and has many options for exercises.

This affordable home gym gives you the chance to easily get an effective full body workout in your home, the P2X has a modern design that’s not only good-looking but extremely safe.

During heavy use the structure of the machine remains rigid and quiet, this is due to the high strength oval tubing and welded frame which increase stability and reduce assembly time.

The added leg press option is a must, it provided you with a wider array of exercises to lift heavy on the legs, as well as options for calf raises.

I would also recommend buying a few more accessories for the cable attachments as this will only add to your exercise option and give your body more stimulus to change.

To improve it would be nice to see a few more attachments as standard, as well as more options to increase the total amount of weight lifted. But even with those two points in mind for its price the P2X is an excellent all round machine, it’s safe, durable and versatile.

If you’re looking for a top-rated home gym that you can train both strength exercises and functional exercises, without spending a small fortune, look no further than the Powerline P2X.

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