Bowflex Revolution Review: Most Innovative Gym For Home Use?

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May 28 2020
Home Gym Reviews: Why Is The Bowflex Revolution Is The Most Innovative Gym For Home?
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Bowflex Revolution Review

20 minutes, 3 times per week is all you need on the Bowflex Revolution. The Revolution is our second recommendation from Bowflex who have designed another brilliant piece of home gym equipment. As ever it is completely different from anything you would have used before, full of innovation and perfectly designed for the home.

How is The Bowflex Revolution Different?

The Bowflex Revolution offers a compact and well-engineered home gym which supports more than 100 exercises.

SpiraFlex Resistance Technology

This enables BowFlex to deliver ultra-smooth and consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion. Originally developed for NASA to help Astronauts keep lean body mass and bone density in space, it provides smooth linear isotonic resistance like free weights but without any weight.

It gives resistance but without the safety concerns of weights, such as losing balance or dropping them. Weights can also be inconvenient in the home as they take up space and aren’t very portable.

The Revolution uses ultra-light interlocking plates which allow you to quickly and easily adjust the resistance from 10- 220lbs, it also has an upgrade to 300lbs available.

Freedom Arms

The Freedom Arms utilize the smooth resistance of the SpiraFlex Resistance technology to help you train at many angles and a full range of motion, thus building muscle and burning fat.

The arms help duplicate almost every exercise in the gym, they adjust 170 degrees and have 10 adjustment settings, so you can quickly and easily change the direction of resistance and work a variety of angles.

You can buy the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym (Discontinued) here:

What Are the Revolution’s Main Benefits?

  1. The Tech: Bowflex technology is always about safety, ease of use and diversity. SpiraFlex and the Freedom Arms give you great variety and safety.
  2. The Resistance Curve: Each exercise we perform has a strength curve, which is a model that shows how much force you can produce at the joint angles throughout a range of motion. This machine provides a smooth and even feel throughout.
  3. Compact: With no large weight plates and a low height this is one of the most compact options available for home gyms.

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Dimensions

The Features

The Revolution is the top of the range machine by Bowflex, with state of the art resistance technology.

The Resistance

The Revolution goes up to 220lbs with an option to boost that up to 300lbs for an extra cost, you can perform over 100 exercises and it’s the most versatile piece of kit Bowflex offer. What sets the Revolution apart from the rest of the range is its ability to train the lower body, as well as a leg developer you also get a leg press station, which as experienced exercises know is a hugely beneficial piece of kit.

Fully Adjustable Bench

Usually this means you can adjust the bench to incline or decline but in this case the bench is truly fully adjustable. The bench can be removed for standing exercises, leg presses or any row movements. It can slide up and down to help you get the right range of motion for all types of users.

The Platforms

This machine comes with standing and seated platforms that enable you to perform seated exercises such as leg presses and standing exercises such as squats. The bench can be adjusted around the platforms to increase the variety of exercises further.

Cardio Row

This machine can also double as a cardio row machine, saving you money and space by buying separate equipment.

Great Flexibility Make the Bowflex Revolution A Home Gym For Life!

Bowflex Revolution FAQ’s

How many exercises can you perform on the Bowflex Revolution?

You can perform over 100 exercises on the Revolution, nearly every exercise you can perform at a gym.

  1. What is the maximum resistance?

The maximum resistance is 300lbs.

2. What is the height of the machine?

The height of this machine is 83”.

3. What is the length of this machine?

The length of this machine is 120” long.

4. What is the width of this machine?

The width of this machine is 84” wide.

5. What is the warranty?

The Bowflex Revolution has a ten-year warranty.

Troubleshooting a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym [Video]

6. Can this machine be used for cardiovascular exercises?

Yes, you can adjust the Revolution to do cardio rows,

7. How many leg exercises can be performed using this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 17 different exercises on the legs.

8. How many shoulder exercises can be performed on this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 22 different shoulder exercises.

9. How many back exercises can be performed on this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 15 different back exercises.

10. How many ab exercises can be performed on this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 8 different weighted ab exercises.

11. How many chest exercises can be performed on this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 18 different chest exercises.

12 .How many arm exercises can be performed on this machine?

This machine allows you to perform 21 different arm exercises.

13. How many exercises are pictured in the owner’s manual?

The owner’s manual comes with 101 pictured exercises to help you perform them correctly.

14. What is the shipping weight of this machine?

This machine has a shipping weight of 490lbs.

Many Features Make the Bowflex Revolution A Top Rated Home Gym

15. Do you need free weights to perform a bench press?

No, the Freedom Arms are fully adjustable and allow you to perform bench presses at different angles.

16. Does this machine include the preacher curl?

Yes, it does come with a preacher curl attachment that fits on top of the leg developer.

17. Is the leg press effective?

Yes, it’s a good angle with sufficient resistance.

18. Can you perform glute kickbacks on this machine?

Yes, it comes with a shoe harness for these types of exercises.

19. What is the minimum resistance of this machine?

The minimum resistance 5lbs each side.

20. Is the Bowflex Revolution noisy?

No, there are no plates that hit together the only sound is that of the whirring of the SpiraFlex but this is minimal.

21. Can I perform a lying leg curl?

Yes, you can perform a full range lying leg curl. This is my favorite hamstring exercise and works perfectly on this machine.

22. How long does it take to assemble?

With a partner, it can take around 2hrs to assemble but is simple if you follow the instructions closely. It can be put up alone but we wouldn’t recommend it.

23. Is the Bowflex Revolution portable?

This machine can be folded and rolled away but you need help to move it as it is quite heavy.

24. Is Amazon an official retailer of Bowflex? Will Bowflex honor the warranty if it’s purchased on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon is an official retailer and the ten-year warranty will be honored by Bowflex.

Barts Bowflex Revolution Workout [Video]

Example Bowflex Revolution Workouts

What is an example chest workout I can perform?

  • Bench Press and Incline Flys 3 x 12
  • Press ups and Standing Cable Crossovers 3 x12

What is an example back workout I can perform?

  • Lat Pull Down and Seated Row 3 x 12
  • Single Arm Row and Rear Delt Flys 3 x 12

What is an example leg workout I can perform?

  • Leg Press and Lying Leg Curl 3 x 12
  • Leg Extension and Leg Curl 3 x 12

What is an example shoulder workout I can perform?

  • Standing Shoulder Press and Standing Lateral Raise 3 x 12
  • Upright Row and Face Pulls 3 x 12

What is an example arm workout I can perform?

  • Standing Biceps Curl and Standing Triceps Extension 3 x 12
  • Preacher Curl and Overhead Triceps Extension 3 x 12

You can buy the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym (Discontinued) here:

So, What’s This Reviewer’s Verdict?

The Bowflex Revolution is an excellent top op of the range offering from Bowflex. It beats all other models hands down in most areas and if you can afford the $2000 plus price range you really won’t be disappointed.

Other than looking great it’s a fully functional and high performing piece of equipment and if you’re looking for machine based training it’s hard to beat this in the variety it offers.

The resistance technology offers something a little different to the normal and exercises will feel a lot different on this machine because of it, but that’s not a bad the thing, not having large weight plates hanging around your home or bumping about is a lot more convenient especially when safety or noise is a concern.

If you’re a beginner or very weak this can easily cater for you as the resistance is very smooth and controlled.

Innovative Bowflex Spiraflex Technology [Video]

Advanced users can also get great benefit from this machine especially with the 300lbs resistance, if you’ve ever felt sore joints while in the gym this machine feels a lot easier on them and there are so many more adjustments to make sure you get comfortable.

The addition of the cardio row is a genius idea, why not have a two in one machine especially when it’s designed for the home. The amount of space you can save with this already compact machine, by not having to buy another cardio machine is excellent.

The ten-year warranty gives good confidence that this machine will last vigorous use for years to come and the resistance technology is built to withstand astronauts in space so surviving your living room or garage shouldn’t be a problem.

You can buy the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym (Discontinued) here:

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Assembly [Video]

Bowflex Revolution® Home Gym Assembly