The SoloStrength Ultimate : Best Functional Trainer For Home Use?

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May 10 2020
Home Gym Reviews: Is The SoloStrength Ultimate The Best Functional Trainer For Home Use? Best Functional Trainer For Home Use? The SoloStrength Ultimate
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SoloStrength Ultimate Functional Trainer Review

SoloStrength design the best specialist home gym equipment to help support bodyweight training. Their equipment is adaptable and carefully thought out to be diverse enough so that you can get a great bodyweight workout, even if you have limited space.

SoloStrength have a range of products to help you exercise no matter your budget or space you have available, simple designs make their products strong, reliable and durable.

The company support you with exercises, but to utilize their equipment just takes a bit of imagination as the potential is endless. SoloStrength is just 9 years old but has made an incredible reputation among fitness professionals, bodyweight training experts, physical therapists and athletes.

People of all ages and abilities can enjoy these products safely and effectively, whether your goal is weight loss, strength, flexibility or performance SoloStrength will have something for you. If you enjoy TRX, stability balls, BOSU or resistance bands training the Ultimate Series from SoloStrength will take your training to the next level.

The combination of these give you limitless options for functional training, keeping your workouts enjoyable and without plateaus. SoloStrength offer training videos, instruction manuals and advanced real-time trainers that will help support you.

The Ultimate Series is the evolution of SoloStrength’s speed-fit line, it’s simple to learn and use, with endless variations of training. They offer a unique and effective tool to help you reach your fitness goal in an enjoyable way.

Our top pick for home functional training equipment is the SoloStrength Ultimate

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SoloStrength Ultimate Main Benefits

The Solostrength Ultimate Is Convenient

There are variations on how the Ultimate can be set up:

  1. You can have a corner installation to save room whilst still having space to utilize under the bar movements such as inverted rows, dips and pull ups.
  2. You can use it door frame mounted, which fits doorways 28-36” wide for those with limited in room space a door frame attachment can fit neatly into anyone’s home.
  3. It can be flat wall mounted, this is recommended with a 24” gap between the wall and the mount so you can use all of the recommended exercises.
  4. Another configuration is the corner installation with height extension, if you’re tall or enjoy Olympic ring exercises then this is essential.
  5. It can also be used as a freestanding piece of equipment that has a solid no-move base.

The SoloStrength Ultimate Is Simple

The simple design consists of a solid yet stylish frame, that is fully adjustable to the height you need. The high-quality parts make this frame feel safe and rattle free, giving you comfort and security in your body weight workout. The basic frame allows you to make workouts more complex with the introduction of fitness accessories such as the TRX.

Workout Fast With The SoloStrength Ultimate

Switching between exercises on the SoloStrength Ultimate Series is fast and easy, there is no set up time to begin with you don’t have to load weights. You can switch from pull ups to dips within seconds with a simple lift and hook, the height adjustments can be performed quickly by anyone at any level.

Ruban Bravo SoloStrength Quick Demo Bodyweight Training [Video]

How To Utilize The SoloStrength Ultimate

The Ultimate Series is a simple solid frame with a pull up and dip attachment, you can utilize other fitness equipment such as hooking over a TRX or Olympic Rings as well as using it alongside a Swiss Ball.

The frame can be mounted in several ways:


For this option, you will need the Wall Kit Accessory, it is 87” tall and 43” wide and requires only 2’3” of floor space.

The frame is connected to the wall by six contact points and 18 screws that secure to the wall, the Ultimate Series can take a total weight of 300lbs.

Assembled this product weighs only 45lbs, its highest bar setting is 82” and its lowest is 5”.

Using A Resistance Band Is Easy With The Solostrength Ultimate Functional Trainer

Doorway Mounted

The door way mount needs no extra wall fittings, it fits in standard doorways (28-36”) and can be modified to fit up to 45” in width.

It requires just 3” of floor space from the door frame, has 6 anchor points and 12 screws for safety. The minimum inside height of the doorway is 77” and the highest bar setting is 82” whilst the lowest is 5”.

The total weight of the frame fully assembled is 32lbs and it can take a maximum user weight of 300lbs.


If you have more room, are using this in a gym facility or in your garage, the frame can be purchased with a freestanding base. The freestanding base is 42” wide and 48” long, it increases the height of the frame to 90” tall and 43” wide.

The freestanding option can be anchored to the floor or counterbalanced, the base makes to the total 105lbs when fully assembled and it can take a maximum user weight of 300lbs, with high a low bar settings still at 82” and 5”.

SoloStrength ULTIMATE Total Body Functional Bodyweight Training Equipment [Video]

SoloStrength Ultimate FAQ’s

What are the shipping box dimensions for Free-Standing Mount?

The Free-Standing Mount option comes in two boxes with dimensions of 47”x13”x6” and 47”x13”x10”.

What are the shipping box dimensions of the Doorway Mount?

The Doorway Mount option comes in one box with the dimensions of 47”x13”x10” and a weight of 35lbs.

What are the shipping box dimensions of the Wall Mount Option?

The Wall Mount option comes in two boxes with dimensions of 47”x13”x10” and 25”x13”x5”

What accessories can be used with The Ultimate Series?

The Ultimate Series can be used with TRX, Olympic Rings, Resistance Bands, Swiss Balls, Bosu Balls and many other fitness equipment. It is a strong and adjustable height anchor point. Other than the mount accessories this product can also be purchased with extra height adjusters for tall users.

Range of Pull Up And Dip Exercises Using Body Weight With The Solostrength Ultimate

What is the highest point of the bar for a pull up?

The heights point of the bar for a pull up is 82” tall.

What is the lowest point of the bar for a press up?

The lowest point of the bar for a press up is 5” tall.

What is the warranty like?

The warranty is a 1 year warranty on the frame, excluded external extras such as bands or TRX. As it’s a very basic setup there should be very limited problems with this product.

What is the base of the Freestanding Mount made from?

The base is made from non-wear antibacterial foam padding.

Is the Freestanding Mount safe to use with a TRX?

Yes, but we suggest the optional hidden direct-to-floor anchors or counterbalance sandbags.

Calisthenics Functional Training Equipment Home Gym [Video]

How many exercises can I perform on The Ultimate Series?

You can perform over 150 body weight exercises on this product.

Do SoloStrength offer any support for recommended workouts?

Yes, SoloStrength do an exceptional job in workout support. They have many training videos and exercise instructions available, the workouts are headed by top trainer and they have options for all levels of users.

Is this good for beginners?

Yes, The Ultimate Series can be utilized by all levels of user. Beginners can perform upper body exercises such as inverted rows or incline press ups with a high bar, once you get stronger you can then lower the bar to make it more challenging.

If you have a TRX or resistance band attached you can perform exercises such as assisted squats or lunges for the lower body.

Is it good for athletes?

Bodyweight exercises can be extremely difficult even for athletes, if you are an elite exerciser using gymnastic type movements such as front levels, muscle ups and adding Olympic Rings can give you flexibility as well as whole body strength. Using these types of movements in your training can create strength throughout the whole range of motion as a joint.

How long does the Wall Mounted option take to assemble?

The Wall Mounted option has a suggested assembly time of 45-55mins.

Will the Wall Mounted Option damage my floor?

No, this product comes with floor protection footpads included.

How much floor space is needed for the Doorway Mounted option?

The Doorway Mounted option only needs 3” of floor space.

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My Conclusion And Recommendations

The SoloStrength Ultimate Series is an impressive and unique piece of home exercise equipment. Functional Training, CrossFit and bodyweight training are popular methods to get in shape and this product can be utilized by all.

To purchase, simply decide whether you want a free-standing, wall-mounted or doorway mounted option and once delivered it can be set up very quickly. All options take up less room than all other home gym options, not only is it space saving but it also looks great too.

I suggest purchasing some resistance bands, TRX and a Swiss Ball to make sure you can get lots of variety in exercises to begin with.

Once you get stronger the amount of exercise variations you can perform are limitless, at this point you can also purchase Olympic Rings which are exceptionally testing for the body.

The support offered by SoloStrength is some of the best in the market, the exercise videos and tutorials make this an impressive piece of home fitness equipment that you can utilize no matter your goal.

If you want to strengthen your body or lose weight with a product that saves space, requires little maintenance and is great fun, look no further than The SoloStrength Ultimate Series. It's on our top 10 best home gym equipment list and my top pick for functional trainer frames.

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