Why We Rate The Weider Pro 8500 The Best Value Smith Weight Cage

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May 10 2020
Why We Rate The Weider Pro 8500 The Best Value Smith Weight Cage
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The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage Review

Another one of our Best Home Gym picks, Weider has been a household name in fitness for over fifty years. Their products include award-winning strength and training products. They offer a large range of products aimed at pure beginners, all the way up to pro athletes.

Weider offer fitness products such as home gyms, adjustable benches, kettle bells, body weight systems and fitness accessories such as ankle weights, resistance bands, workout DVDs, skipping ropes and weight training gloves.

Their products have stood the test of time and you can see them being used in facilities all around the world, from your local gym to top sports facilities.

The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage is a versatile and solid piece of home gym equipment, it’s a fully equipped weight cage with an adjustable bench and cable machine. You will be able to perform the toughest of workouts at home with this well-rounded machine.

If you’re looking for something that’s serious and build to last, the Weider Pro 8500 ticks those boxes. For machine under $1000 it would be hard to pass up on this machine if you have the space.

The pro 8500 comes with seven major training stations designed to ensure you can work the most important compound movements. Compound movements are the large exercises that are essential for strength and muscle building.

It also comes with an exercise chart to help you track and maximize your progress, which will allow you to set a routine so you can start gradually becoming stronger without risking injury.

Integrated weight plate holders have been added so that you can securely, safely and neatly store your weight plates. Without the risk of damaging surrounding walls or them falling around visitors.

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Weider Pro 8500 Best Value Smith Machine Review

Main Features:

  • Adjustable Utility Bench: All orders come with an adjustable bench as standard, the bench has incline options to work exercises such as incline and flat bench press, shoulder press, flys, prone rows, pull downs. Then bench also has a preacher curls as well as leg curl/extension attachments,
  • Butterfly Arms: The butterfly arms are uniquely placed to optimize the chest fly position. The pec dec fly isolates the pectorals muscle in a low stress position for the shoulder.
  • 4-Post Squat Rack: This machine does not come with a barbell allow you can purchase this separately, and we would recommend this. If you have a barbell you will be able to perform exercises such as back squats, front squats, barbell lunges, barbell split squats, seated barbell press, barbell bench press, bent over rows, partial dead lifts, barbell dead lifts, barbell good mornings, barbell Romanian dead lifts. The lower pins can be set to a safe position so that if you do not have someone there to spot the lift, you can safely put the weight on the safety bar. This stops you from having to drop the weight or getting stuck in a position you can’t lift from.
  • Multi-Function Pulleys: This machine comes with a high pulley system with multiple cable attachments. You can also purchase any other standard cable attachments, and they will fit easily. The pulley system allows you to perform exercises such as triceps push downs, cable flys, single arm pull downs, straight arm pull downs, Russian twists, ab crunches, lat pull downs, high rows, face pulls, standing rows. The pulley system adds excellent variety and functionality to this machine.
  • Weight Plate Storage: Weight plates alone can take up a lot of room, if you’re looking to set up a smart home gym that looks great and performs well, storage is key. There is nothing worse than trying to change quickly through sets and not being able to find the weight plates you need. The storage pins on the 8500 allow you to stack the plates in weight order (heaviest at the bottom). This is also a great safety feature, especially if you have kids around.

Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage Is Our Best Value Pick

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Weider Pro 8500 FAQ's

  1. How much does the Weider Pro 8500 weigh? The weight is 326 lbs
  2. What is the height? This machine is 84.7” tall
  3. What is the width? The width is 83”
  4. What is the length? The length is 110”
  5. What color is the finish of the Weider Pro 8500? Black
  6. What material is this machine made from? Steel
  7. What is the maximum user weight capacity? 300lbs
  8. Is there a fixed smith machine bar? Yes, on this product you have the option to use the fixed safety bar or to purchase a barbell and use it as a free weight
  9. Does the smith machine bar lock in safely? Yes, the smith machine bar has hooks that you can lock into at any point
  10. Can you do pull ups on this machine? No, you cannot perform chin ups on this machine
  11. What attachments comes as standard? This machine comes with a lat pull down bar, cable rope and hand pulleys
  12. Does the cable machine work well? Yes, the cable machine is strong and fluid throughout each lift. Keep on top of proper lubrication and use the appropriate attachments and it will perform well
  13. Does it feel sturdy under a heavy load? Yes, this machine is solid and does not move around under heavy loads.

One Of Our Bet Home Gym Pick the Weider Pro 8500 IS Best Value

Is assembly of the Weider Pro 8500 difficult?

This is a large piece of home fitness equipment and not something you can put up in just a few minutes. We suggest finding some help, although it can be done alone. Follow the instructions closely, don’t cut corners and it can be finished in a few hours. Do not over tighten and grease wherever the instructions tell you to.

Can I perform a good weight training session, equal to that at the gym?

Yes, this machine easily has the capabilities to help all levels get a great workout. Especially if you purchase a barbell. You can also use online resources for exercises to help you build the right training session.

Does it have a low pulley system?

Yes, the low pulley offers you the chance to do floor seated rows and other exercises from the bottom position.

What warranty does it come with?

This machine has a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

Can the pulleys swivel to make exercises more comfortable?

Yes, the pulleys have a swivel mechanism to make finding a comfortable angle easier.

What would a typical ‘bodybuilding’ style workout look like on this machine?

To build muscle you can structure your workouts in a variety of ways. You don’t always necessarily have to lift heavy, but it’s a good idea to go through phases of when you do. A typical bodybuilding session may include super sets which means performing one exercises after another in the following format:

Smith Machine Squats followed by Smith Machine Dead lifts

  1. 10 sets of 10 reps
  2. Cable Lat Pull Downs followed by Pec Dec Flys
  3. 10 sets of 10 reps

Does it come with weight plates?

No, as this machine is already so well price weight plates do not come as standard with this machine.

A Smith Machine Like The Weider Pro In This Review Can Help You Gain Strength

So, what’s the verdict?

The Weider Pro 8500 is as hugely affordable and well-functioning piece of kit. It has all the necessities needed to strength train properly and safely. It’s solid steel, strong and well-built, it does not shake under pressure.

The smith machine bar is smooth and hooks on easily when needed, the added option of being able to use a free bar is the perfect addition to this already well-rounded machine.

The adjustable bench is comfortable and easily changed into new positions, whilst the added features of a preacher curl and leg developer only add to your workouts.

The pulley systems are good and when used correctly are efficient, just play around a little when you assemble the machine to make sure you are happy with the performance.

The weight plate storage pins fit all standard Olympic weight plates, you can store these unevenly and the cage will still feel balanced and sturdy.

To improve this machine, I would like to see Weider offer more than just an exercise chart for tracking and maintaining performance.

Many companies now offer YouTube tutorials or apps that help explain exercises and workouts more clearly, some even have built in systems that enable the user to track all workout data such as reps, sets and weights.

Please be aware when purchasing this machine that it is not a small piece of equipment, it is built to fit lots of strength exercises in one place which is does very well. You will need a large space with a strong floor.

The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage makes it into our top ten list of home gyms due to its classic build, well-rounded exercise selection and best of all price. It is the most affordable option of home gym available and will leave you some money to buy extras such as barbells and weight plates.

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