Is The LifeSpan TR1200i The Best Priced Folding Treadmill?

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May 10 2020
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LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill Review

Our Best Priced Folding Treadmill The Lifespan TR12001 ConsoleLifeSpan is a relatively new company in fitness equipment, who have been very active since 2001. They specialize in high quality equipment solutions for the home, gym and work place.

They have dedicated themselves to helping people become more active in everyday life, whether that’s at home with a foldable treadmill or in the workplace with a treadmill desk. Empowering individuals to find better health regardless of their lifestyle through 3 key markets:

LifeSpan Fit

Lifespan fit focuses on home and commercial gym equipment, helping consumers lose weight, improve their health or train for competition.

LifeSpan Workplace

LifeSpan Workplace promotes an active office environment through treadmill desks and boke desks that offer zero disruption whilst still being active.

LifeSpan Club

LifeSpan Club is a one stop shop for everything related to health and fitness. Helping you stay motivated and continue to progress with guidance from their experts.

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The treadmills offered by LifeSpan are known for their superior quality and solid steel frames. The LifeSpan treadmill range include both folding and non-folding models, treadmill desks as well as medical treadmill.

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The TR1200i Folding Treadmill is an entry level model costing just under $1000, it is a folding treadmill aimed at those who want a machine for walking or jogging but not really for interval training. For beginners, overweight or elderly this is a great space saving option for the home. It includes various hi-tech safety features that you would usually see on higher priced models such as:

IntelliGuard – Which auto-pauses the belt when you step off the machine, ensuring that when you go back on you won’t forget and slip on the moving belt. This is also a great option if you have kids around the home, you can jump off quickly without the worry of the belt still moving at high speeds.

IntelliStep – This function tracks every step that you take ensuring you are getting a safe and effective workout every time you train.

Console and In-handle controls – The dual controls allow you to change speed or incline without letting go of the handles. Perfect for those who feel a little uneasy on the moving belt.

EZ Folding Technology – When folding, the track is easy to lift to an almost vertical position and then locks in place safely. To unfold simply press the lever bar with your foot and the track will slowly lower itself down, so you don’t need to worry about it falling.

Compression Shock Absorbers – If you are looking to go long distance or are a heavier user, LifeSpan have added 6 compression shock absorbers to reduce the impact against your joints and provide you with a safe training environment.

A full Featured And Great Priced Treadmill For Home - Lifespan TR1200i

The multicolored LCD console is basic but provides clear and concise data in a large format. It shows all your regular workout data such as time, calories, steps, heart rate, speed and incline level. As well as having a USB port for your personal data, which you can use alongside the LifeSpan Club membership, which tracks and stores all your performance data.

High quality motor of the Lifespan TR 1200i Treadmill

The TR1200i features 17 preset workout programs; 5 healthy living, 5 weight management and 7 sports training programs. As well as 2 heart rate programs and 2 customizable options for different users. The console buttons are easy to use and have large soft-touch keys, this treadmill also features QuickSet buttons that allow you to start at specific speeds and inclines.

Additional features for this model include contact heart rate sensors, it is also compatible with a chest strap although this is not included. The TR1200i comes with speakers and a headphone plug in for your music but does not have cooling fans.

The motor that LifeSpan offers with this model is the one of the highest quality motors available. The 2.5 hp continuous duty motor is powerful and very durable, you can rest assured you are getting a strong and long lasting piece of engineering.

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LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill FAQ

What is the belt size?

The belt on the TR1200i is 19.6” wide and 55.9” length.

What is the maximum weight the incline motor can lift?

The incline motor is capable of lifting 650lbs.

What is the top speed?

The speed levels for this machine max out at 10 MPH. Suitable for beginners but not for those looking for high performance.The Track of The Lifespan TR1200i in This Review Has Suspension for Runners

How many incline levels does the treadmill have?

The TR1200i has an impressive 15 levels of incline, which is excellent for a foldable treadmill at this price.

What are the folded dimensions of this treadmill?

Length 38.4”, Height 65”, Width 32.5”

What are the unfolded dimensions of this treadmill?

Length 69.1”, Height 54.1”, Width 32.5”

What is the step-up height?

The step-up height is 7.4”.

How much does the treadmill weigh?

This treadmill weighs 198lbs.

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What is the maximum user weight?

The maximum user weight is 300lbs.

What does the warranty cover?

LifeSpan offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, lifetime on parts and 3 years’ labor.

How does the deck rank on cushioning?

The deck comes with 6 shock absorbers and is very comfortable to run on for long periods of time.

How long does it take to assemble?

Lifespan TR1200i Treadmill HAs 21 Preset ProgramsThe TR1200i is simple to assemble and can be fully ready within an hour with basic tools. Tools are included.

I am a tall user will I still be able to run on this treadmill?

Yes, if you are over 6 feet tall you will still be able to run on this treadmill comfortably.

I am using this machine for basic walking is it worth paying up to $1k, or will a cheaper model suffice?

Even for the most basic of uses I would recommend this treadmill over cheaper options. Features such as the motor, frame, safety and cushioned deck are well worth the investment, cheaper models will not be reliable long term and may results in you spending a lot more in the future.

Does this machine have space to put an iPad?

Yes, the console has a shelf which you can fit an IPad. Although this does cover the console data screen.

What do the speed increments go up in?

The speeds go up in 0.1 increments, allowing very specific speed improvements.

Can it be moved once it is built?

Yes, this model comes with wheels which once folded can be moved around in different positions.

Is the TR12001 treadmill noisy?

No, the combination of high quality parts and cushioned deck make this a very quiet machine. Especially for a folding treadmill, you will be able to use this while others sleep in the household. Sometimes you do get a few creaks between incline gradients but these are not loud.

Does this treadmill have built in cooling fans?

No, probably one of the only downsides to this machine.

How easy does the TR1200i fold?

When lifting the deck has weight but will be easily lifted by most, it locks automatically at the top. When you need to unfold the treadmill simply press with your foot to release the lever and it lowers itself slowly and safely. It can be easily folded daily with little hassle.

Are there any features that stop my kids from turning on the machine?

Yes, there is a magnetic safety key.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Just regular lubrication of the belt is needed.

What is the power supply voltage requirement?

This machine uses regular 110V outlets.

What are the delivery box dimensions?

75” x 34” x 15”.

Does this speed and incline automatically adjust in programs?

Yes, the programs vary the speeds and incline of the machine automatically.

The Lifespan TR1200i Review In Depth Analysis Of This Best Priced Treadmill

So, what’s the verdict on the Lifespan TR1200i?

The TR1200i has probably the best reviews out of any entry level treadmill on the market, as well as being multiple award winning and I would have to agree with the positive reviews. If your budget is $1000 and you’re looking for a folding treadmill that is reliable and easy to use you will not regret this investment.

Its features such as its preset programs offer the variety you would usually find in a higher priced model. Alongside the LifeSpan Club which offers the added value you would usually find in a web enabled console, giving the ability to track and measure your workout data more clearly than other basic models.

To improve, the addition of cooling fans would be convenient, especially as this machine could withstand you training for long periods of time. But even without this feature it is still exceptional value for money.

LifeSpan have created a timeless model that can be an excellent addition to any household, its strong motor and frame, as well as its simple folding mechanics put this as a leader for a foldable beginner’s treadmill or even for those training for long distance races.

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