Is The NordicTrack C1650 The Best Value Treadmill For Home?

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May 10 2020
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Why Is the NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill A Must Have?

Simply put, it's one of the best treadmills for home use as ranked on our top 10 treadmill comparison table.

Now upgraded and available as the new NordicTrack Commercial Series C1750 Treadmill!

NordicTrack offers some of the highest quality features available, they integrate the latest technology with excellent easy to use systems. Whilst still being able to priorities comfort and performance. These premium home fitness equipment specialists offer high attention to detail across all products including treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. They promise unrivalled quality, durability and reliability.

The C1650 is the perfect online treadmill. If you’re looking for entertainment or the ability to work, this is the perfect option for you. This model boasts a large 10” full color touch screen display which allows you to access your favorite websites such as Facebook and Twitter. As well as Google Maps workouts (IFit), this allows you to tour the world with 40 Google maps that automatically adjust speed and incline to match the terrain of famous routes. Although this does require a separate subscription it is highly recommended.

You can buy the upgraded NordicTrack C1750 Treadmill here (lowest price: $1,599.00 ):

Side Angle View Of The Best Value Treadmill For Home USe NordicTrack C1650

A clever yet simple addition to the C1650 is its separate tablet bracket that safely secures your tablet at eye level above the console. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, series or motivational videos without blocking your workout date on the main console. Plus if you don’t want to pay for an IFit subscription there are many free apps available on the tablet to keep you entertained.

Outline Of The NordicTrack C1650 Top Features:

  • Integrated Cushioning – Under the belt this treadmill has double cushioning isolators to help reduce impact on your knees and ankles, not only can you make the belt softer to reduce impact but you can also make it firmer to prepare for road running. A simple half turn twist of the cushions, adjust your running experience easily
  • Integrated Entertainment – The combination of the hi-tech web enabled display with the additional tablet holder offers a complete entertainment system while you workout. It also comes with a build in sound system which projects high quality sound through dual 2” speakers
  • Digital Incline Control – The C1650 allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the incline with its convenient OneTouch control system. The incline ranges from 0-12% with this model you will be able to go from flat to max incline without having to hold a button which would affect your performance
  • Space Saving Design – As a folding treadmill this machine rivals almost all non-folding treadmills in quality and performance. Its design allows you to easily fold and unfold with the help of the telescopic EasyLift system. Its super easy to do and requires minimal effort, it also locks in place in the top position and does not fall
  • Extra Long Belt – The belt is commercial grade which means it will withstand personal use with any type of training over time extremely well. The belt measures 20 x 60
  • High Quality Roller – To promise quality NordicTrack have added a 1.9” rear roller with aircraft spec bearings, this gives outstanding performance, smoothness and durability
  • Extensive Warranty – A lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the motor and 2 years parts and labor show us that this machine is of good quality and made to last

Top Rated And Best Value Treadmill For Home Use C1650 From NordicTrack

In addition to these outstanding features the C1650 also boasts a powerful 3.5CHP drive system to help you train for longer, safer and quieter. If you are looking for a quiet machine this is a great choice the combination of the powerful motor with the specifically designed noise reduction belt ensures reduced sound at any speed.

Its 10-inch touchscreen gives all basic workout data such as time, speed, calories, incline, heart rate and distance. A premium feature is that you have access to 34 pre-made workout programs designed by certified Personal Trainers. These workouts automatically adjust and make your workout goal driven and varied.

To help you stay motivated further this machine allows you to plug in your portable music devices, headphones are not necessary as the dual 2-inch speakers provide excellent clear sound.

Man Runnning On NordicTrack C1650 The Best Value Treadmill For Home Gym Use

NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Step-up Height?

In case you have low ceilings the dimensions of the treadmill are important. The c1650 is a folding treadmill so is not as bulky as most commercial treadmills, when the belt is flat it is 8.5” off the ground. The height of the machine is 63.4” and on full incline is around 14” off the ground.

What Is The Width Of The Machine Including The Arm Bars?

From outside arm to outside arm it measures 35” which is fairly compact for this level of performance treadmill.

Does It Measure Your Heart Rate?

This treadmill has dual CardioGrip heart rate monitor sensors built into the handlebars for a quick read of your target heart rate. It is also compatible with all heart rate straps, but it is not included.

What Is The Weight Capacity?

The weight limit for this machine is 325lb which is an industry standard for this type of treadmill.

Is The Tablet Holder Secure?

The tablet holder is extremely secure, even if you’re a heavy person running at speed the tablet does not move. It will also not get damaged by the fixings as they are made from rubber and have adjustable fixings.

NordickTrack C1650 Treadmill Pro's and Con's [Video]

How long is the cord?

The cord is located at the front of the treadmill and is 5 feet long, suitable for most home rooms.

How much does it weigh?

The treadmill weighs 222lbs and the shipping weight is 243lbs.

How well does it handle regular use?

As it has high quality parts, a powerful motor and a commercial grade belt the C1650 will have no problems handling regular daily use at high speeds for multiple users.

How high does the incline go?

The incline goes up to 12% with a touch of a button.

Incline Mechanism Of C1650 NordicTrack Best Bang For Buck Treadmill

How good is this treadmill without an IFit subscription?

As a stand-alone machine this is still a very interactive machine, with 34 pre-made programs, a web enabled display and a tablet holder you will still be able to find many ways to stay entertained and motivated.

How difficult is the assembly?

I would recommend you pay the extra for the in home set up, otherwise make sure you have someone else to help you out in lifting and fixing.

Is this product suitable for beginners?

For beginners, you should feel confident with the treadmills large deck space (20x60), this is also a very steady machine comprised of high quality parts and a strong frame for holding.

Woman Running On The Top Rated NordicTrack C16450 Treadmill

Is it Bluetooth compatible?

It is compatible with Bluetooth chest straps but this need to be purchased separately or as an addition to purchasing the treadmill.

What pre-made programs does it come with?

The C1650 has 34 pre-made programs made by qualified Personal Trainers. These programs include 8 intensity workouts, 9 incline programs, 8 speed workouts and 9 calorie workouts. Allowing for an effective workout.

What accessories does it come with?

The AutoBreeze fan is a useful addition to this machine, it’s very powerful and the levels are fully adjustable through the console. Besides the main panel it also has two accessories trays for your water bottle and phone.

Is it easy to fold?

The space saving design of the C1650 combines the convenient fold up feature as well as having a heavy and steady belt. Even though the belt is heavy they have added the EasyLift system which will do most of the lifting and lowering for you, enabling you to adjust the track from horizontal to vertical with easy no matter your strength.

Woman Folding Treadmill Easily NordicTrack C1650 Top Rated For Home

Is it noisy?

As a folding treadmill, this is a very quiet machine. NordicTrack have done a great job of noise reduction by focusing on a cushioned belt, strong motor, smooth roller and strong frame. But if you are looking for complete noise reduction I would suggest a commercial grade non-folding machine.

So What’s The My Gym Expert Verdict On The C1650?

One of my favorite features of any exercise machine is its ability to keep up to date with the latest tech. The C1650 does this better than most with its web enabled display, IFit compatibility and integrated tablet holder.

Control Panel Of the NordickTrCK C1650 BEST VALUE Treadmill For Home Gyms

Is The NordicTrack C1650 Good Value For Money?

The C1650 is currently available for $1299, which is a very competitive price for a premium folding treadmill. In this price range, not many treadmills can compete on features such as web enabled touchscreen, 34 pre-made programs, IFit compatibility and an extra tablet holder. The quality of the cushioned, adjustable deck, including its EasyLift assist are premium features you could see on machines worth over $2500.

How To Use The iFit System With The NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill [Video]

If you like support, motivation and entertainment this machine will not let you down. The assembly can prove quite difficult if you do not purchase the in-home assembly option or have an extra pair of hands to help, if you are putting it together alone please prepare to spend a couple of hours. That being said, once the machine is put together it is likely to last a lifetime, I would suggest buying it through Amazon for the quick delivery and assembly options.

You can buy the upgraded NordicTrack C1750 Treadmill here (lowest price: $1,599.00 ):

The extensive warranty should put any of your investment fears at ease and it compares well to the rest of the best treadmills in our top 10 table. So go ahead and let's get fit at home!

Work Out At Home With The NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill [Video]

At Home Workout On The C 1650 Treadmill by NordicTrack