Is The Reebok ZigTech 1910 Treadmill Good For Heavy Runners?

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May 10 2020
Buy The Reebok Zigtech 1910 In This Review
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Reebok ZigTech 1910 Review

The Zigtech 1910 Treadmill Console Is Packed With Features

First of all, let’s answer the question because with a 400lb weight capacity this is the best treadmill for home use by heavy runners!

Reebok has a rich history of success and innovation in the fitness industry. Their heritage can be dated back to 1890 when shoemaker Joseph William Foster developed the first known running shoes with spikes.

Reebok’s fitness equipment soon became a household name in the industry by adapting quickly to new trends in the market. For example, more recently with the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, they have created a whole new range of combat wear.

This ‘Tough Fitness’ range also includes the CrossFit market, which is the most popular fitness movement of the last decade. This functional training range includes equipment such as the Dynamax ball, functional training tri rig and power stations, as well as clothing. The range is perfect for smaller gyms and home gyms, as the products deliver massive variety in exercises without taking up much room. They are also very affordable.

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The Reebok ZigTech 1910 Treadmill is an impressive product for any home gym. It is well-rounded, full of motivational tech and performs as well as most higher-priced treadmills.

The innovative technology such as the ZigTech cushioning, iFit Live built-in, powered by Google Maps, Digital Quick Incline-Decline Control and massive amount of workout programs makes this a stand out product in its class.

The Wide And Long Running surface Of The ZigTech 1910 TreadmillIt also has an impressive warranty that stands up to the best Treadmills around.

Reebok carries over the same high quality materials and workmanship from their clothing range as they do with their fitness products. In fact, the same cushioning technology they use in their trainers can be seen in the ZigTech cushioning of the deck.

This type of cushioning helps energy efficiency, comfort and durability and is a landmark innovation from Reebok. If you decide to purchase the ZigTech 1910 treadmill it only makes sense to purchase some Reebok running trainers, which are among my favorites.

The Reebok website can help you choose the perfect trainers for your needs and can even teach you how to tie them properly. Footwear is a commonly overlooked part of enjoying any new treadmill.

Main Features

  • ZigTech Cushioning: ZigTech cushioning was designed in an effort to recycle energy wasted with each stride, by turning it into a soft, springy stride. The geometric shape of the material absorbs the impact of the heel strike to send energy waves spread across the foot for a more powerful propulsion. The zigzag shape of the running deck offers a very secure, comfortable and durable experience throughout your run
  • iFit Powered by Google Maps: If you find the treadmill boring and have a tough time with motivating yourself, iFit membership is an absolute must. Access allows you to walk or run absolutely anywhere in the world that there is a google map. If you want to walk the streets of Paris, hike in the mountains or train for an event like the New York Marathon using the exact same route through your screen. iFit automatically changes the speed and gradient to match the terrain of the specific route you have chosen
  • Powerful Motor: The ZigTech 1910 has a 4.25 Continuous Horse Power (CHP) Motor that is commercial grade. It is the longest lasting and most powerful motor available. The motor is dynamically spin balanced and is extensively tested for performance in vibration and noise under heavy work. It is the smoothest and quietest motor available today. Perfect for those who train early or late and don’t want to disturb the rest of the family
  • Workout Programs: This model offers a massive 40 different pre-set workout programs, designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. Each workout has timed resistance, speeds and times and use different training approaches to improve your whole cardiovascular system
  • Video Workouts: The 1910 also includes two HD Video Workouts, where you can inspire and motivate yourself with amazing views and surroundings. A Personal Trainer will coach you through each workout
  • Performance Display: The console is a 10” full color touch display, you can easily track your workout data such as time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate to help you keep improving. The screen looks great and allows you to see all of your workout stats with the touch of a button
  • Quickstep Speed Control: The console includes QuickStep Speed Control which allows you to change speed quickly and efficiently without disturbing your running stride, go from 0-12 MPH in no time at all. It also has QuickStep Incline and Decline Control which allows you to go from -3-15% gradient quickly and simply from the touch of a button. The display can also connect to your wireless internet allowing you to browse the internet, check social media or watch motivational videos throughout your workout
  • EasyLift Assist: The ZigTech 1910 is a space-saving home treadmill that folds upright safely. EasyLift Assist allows users of all strengths and sizes to be able to quickly fold up and bring back down the deck when not in use
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Zigtech 1910 Treadmill FAQ’s

  1. What is the length of the ZigTech 1910? This treadmill is 82”, but be aware that this is a folding treadmill so the length is greatly reduced when the deck folds upright
  2. What is the Height of the treadmill? This machine is 76” tall
  3. What is the width of the ZigTech treadmill? The width of the machine is 38” wide
  4. What is the weight? This treadmill’s weight is 311 lbs
  5. What is the weight capacity of this treadmill? The weight capacity for this treadmill is 400lbs
  6. Can you monitor heart rate on this machine? Yes, this model comes with dual AccuRate heart monitors with a polar heart rate chest strap included, which delivers and accurate and consistent heart rate reading
  7. Does it have an integrated sound system? Yes, the 1910 has an Intermix Acoustic 3.0 Sound System which you can enjoy through the 3” speakers. You can plug in your music player and it has a compatible music port for an iPod
  8. What is the warranty for the ZigTech 1910 Treadmill? The warranty includes a lifetime on the frame, 5 years’ parts and 2 years’ labor
  9. Does it have cooling fans? Yes, the built-in cooling fan allows you to conveniently adjust the settings to your comfort as your workout
  10. How big is the running surface? The 1910 has a generous 20” X 60” running surface, which is easily large enough to stretch out your stride and relax without fear of falling
  11. Can I connect to the internet? Yes, this model is powered by Android which allows you to browse the internet, watch sports, check your social media and more! The browser connects to your wireless internet so you can log on while you workout
  12. Does it come with IFit Membership? This model is IFit enabled but membership must be purchased separately
  13. How many workout programs does it have? The 1910 has 40 workout programs designed by a Personal Trainer, plus 2 HD Video workouts
  14. How big is the display? The display is a large 10” full color touch screen display powered by Android. Perfect for browsing the internet and staying entertained
  15. How powerful is the motor? This model has a 4.25 Continuous Horsepower motor which is very powerful, silent and durable
  16. What is the speed range? The powerful motor gives speeds ranging for 0-12 MPH which can be quickly switched between using the QuickStep controls
  17. What is the incline/decline range? The incline/decline range is -3%-15% gradient
  18. Is this a folding treadmill? Yes, the Reebok ZigTech 1910 folds upright with the help of EasyLift Assist. A fast and safe way to store your treadmill

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So, What’s the Verdict?

With an Easy Fold Mechanism the ZigTech 1910 Can Be Stowed Away In SecondsThe Reebok ZigTech 1910 Treadmill is quite possibly the most fully loaded home fold-able treadmill under $2,500. For the money, it is exceptional value and almost embarrasses some other options offered in the same price range.

With extras such as an included Polar heart rate strap, cooling fans, internet access, IFit compatibility, built-in speakers, EasyLift Assist, as well a huge 40 workout programs this puts the 1910 in a class all by itself.

It’s hard to tell where Reebok have saved money on this model as it is equal to the machines in a much higher price category.

For a folding treadmill, the performance is great and the 4.25CHP motor could even be overkill. It performs flawlessly, even with the toughest of routes through IFit, the 1910 can cope with high inclines and high speeds without a wobble.

It’s quiet too, especially for a folding treadmill where they are generally louder than the non-folding options.

ZigTech cushioning is comfortable and gives you a slight propulsion which makes it feels like you’re going faster than normal without working any harder.

The zigzag shape of the deck not only helps absorb impact giving a safer experience for your joints but it makes the deck very durable. The deck will last a long time even with vigorous use.

Overall, it’s the most well-rounded of our folding treadmills on the market, and costs less than $2,500, an exceptional purchase.

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