Is The Xterra Fitness TR600 Treadmill Good For Trail Running?

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May 10 2020
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XTERRA Fitness TR600 Treadmill Review

Featured in our top 10 list of best treadmills, this Xterra TR600 model deserves it top-rating. Xterra Fitness prides itself on its outstanding craftsmanship, each piece of equipment is carefully designed and manufactured to be high performing yet perfect for the home environment.

If you’re looking for equipment that is built to last, Xterra focus on this completely by incorporating heavy duty and durable components. Which will easily last vigorous home use, you also have the extra protection of your investment with an excellent warranty.

In addition to this, Xterra Fitness have an unrivalled reputation for customer service, which is 100% USA based. You can rest assured that once you have purchased an Xterra piece you will always have great support.

The Xterra TR600 Treadmill is a home use, folding, all-inclusive treadmill. Probably one of the best value for money folding treadmills around, that not only performs well but also looks like a state of the art machine.

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It comes with an impressive lifetime frame and motor warranty, as well as 3 years on the deck and one year parts/labor. It is specifically designed for the home and folds up safely and easily to be stored away. The TR600 performs very well, with a powerful 2.75 continuous horsepower motor that will enable you to reach 12mph smoothly and quietly.

The running surface is an oversized 20” x 60” for running comfort and the treadmill can incline up to 12%, you can adjust the incline and speed through the handlebar mounted controls that do not disrupt your running as much as normal controls.

Xterra Fitness TR600 Features

For its price the list of main features is impressive to say the least:

  • XTRAsoft Deck: The oversized deck has cushioned technology that provides shock absorption through multiple points but more specifically to where you might need it.
  • Powerful Motor: The 2.75 continuous horse power motor is also backed by a lifetime warranty. It provides a smooth and quiet experience no matter the speed or weight of user.
  • Large Console Display: The TR600 includes a large 6.5” blue backlit LCD display which is easy to read, with all important information clearly visible, such as time. Speed, distance, pace, calories, incline, pulse and profile.
  • 9 Preset Programs: As standard you will receive 6 professional designed motivational workouts, 2 user programs and 1 manual.
  • Console Additions: A cooling fan on the console and an audio jack with speakers also come as standard, which is not always the case from treadmills in this price range. Quick touch buttons to adjust your speed and incline are also featured.
  • Handlebar Controls: On the side handle bars Xterra have added control buttons to adjust the speed and incline, this save you from having to disrupt your running stride and makes changing up your workout a lot safer.
  • Heart Rate Grips: The console handlebars also come with heart rate grip monitors, so as well as being able to hold on for your safety you can also check your heart rate without an external monitor.
  • Built In Reading Rack: This handy feature not only allows you to read a book at a comfortable height but also allows you to use an IPad with supporting apps.
  • Lift Assist: The TR600 is a folding treadmill that can easily be folded away and lowered through lift assist technology. This technology allows users of all strengths to simply adjust the position without the fear of it dropping.

Side controls of the Xterra Fitness TR600 Treadmill Are Very Handy

Xterra Fitness TR600 Treadmill FAQ’s

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the TR600. If it's not here, then it hasn't been asked...

What is the height of the treadmill?

The height of the treadmill is 54.1” unfolded.

What is the length of the treadmill?

The length of the treadmill is 78.7” unfolded.

What is the width of the treadmill?

The width of the treadmill is 35” unfolded.

What is the folded height of the treadmill?

The folded height of the treadmill is 67.1”.

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What is the folded length of the treadmill?

The folded length of the treadmill is 53.7”.

What is the folded width of the treadmill?

The folded width if the treadmill is 35”.

What is the weight limit for the TR600?

The maximum user weight for this treadmill is 325lbs.

What is the assembled weight of this treadmill?

The assembled weight of the TR600 is 218.3lbs.

Can this treadmill be transported once assembled?

Yes, it comes with a 4-wheel carriage which allows you to transport the treadmill when it’s in the folded position.

What is the warranty on the frame and motor?

The Tr600 comes with a lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor. The frame is heavy duty steel and the motor is made from high quality components. It’s rare to see a problem with either.

Side controls of the Xterra Fitness TR600 Treadmill Are Very Handy

What is the warranty on the deck?

The deck comes with a 3-year warranty.

What is the warranty on parts and labor?

Xterra offer 1 year on parts and 1 year of in-home labor.

What is the shipping weight of this treadmill?

The shipping weight of this treadmill is 242.5lbs.

Does it have an incline feature?

Yes, this treadmill inclines to 12% and can be controlled via the handlebars or quick buttons.

How many parts is it delivered in and is it difficult to put together?

This machine is usually delivered in 5 parts but is simple to put together, you may want to have some assistance.

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Does this machine have a safety cord?

Yes, it comes with a magnetic clip with you attach to your clothes which stops the machine immediately if you fall off.

How big is the running surface?

The deck is an oversized 20” x 60” which is typical in higher priced treadmills but not for ones in this price range. It’s an important feature for those who either feel uneasy on a treadmill or are advanced runners and like to push their limits.

Does it have an accessories tray?

Yes, accessory and cup holders are positioned either side of the console to store your music player, remote control, phone and more.

What is the maximum speed for this machine?

The machine speed for the Tr600 is 12mph, which can be adjusted via the handlebars or quick buttons.

Is there a heart rate chest strap included?

No, this machine does not come with a chest strap although you can monitor your heart rate via the handlebars.

Wide And Long Rolling Track Of The TR600 Treadmill By Xterra Fitness

How large is the belt roller?

The belt roller is 1.8”, typically the larger the belt roller the longer it lasts.

Can I play music from my IPhone through the speakers?

Yes, the audio jack allows you to play music through the console speakers.

Is the deck supportive for my knees?

Yes, the XTRA Soft Shock Absorption Deck enables you to take long powerful strides on the oversized deck.

Is this treadmill suitable to help me train for a triathlon?

Yes, in fact this machine is used frequently by Xterra Triathletes. The combination of speed, incline, comfort and durability makes this a great option for competition preparation. If distance running is your goal then read more if you need to know how to prepare for a marathon

Is this machine suitable if I just want to improve my cardiovascular system?

Yes, it has all the features you need to help with basic levels of fitness. It is also excellent priced.

To improve your cardiovascular fitness:

Start with 4-6 weeks of slow steady cardio at 20 minutes and adding 5 minutes each week. After 4-6 weeks start to use interval training methods.

Interval training is performed by using a set amount slow speeds followed by fast sprints, for instance a common interval training program is performed by 60secs of walking followed by 60secs of running.

Start with 6 sets and add a set weekly for 4-6 weeks.

How easy is it to fold and unfold this treadmill?

Easy Folding With Lift Assist Tech On The TR600 TreadmillThe Lift Assist makes it super easy to adjust to deck to an upright of flat position. Users of all strengths will be able to perform this.

Is the console easy to use?

Yes, the console on this treadmill is extremely user friendly. It includes easy to use program buttons, a large clear display and one touch speed/incline buttons. You won’t even need to read the manual.

Is the belt durable?

Yes, the belt is a thick 1.6mm which makes it durable for regular use.

How does it look?

For a home treadmill, this machine looks like a high-performance machine. The console is large and informative whilst the foldable belt is sleek and sharp. It would look great in any household.

How much does it cost?

The original price of this machine was around $1500 but you can now find it for under $1000.

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Xterra fitness TR600 Treadmill Technical Specs

  • MOTOR SIZE: 2.75 CHP, DC Type
  • SPEED RANGE: 0.5-12MPH (1-18 KPH)
  • INCLINE RANGE: 0-12 Electronic Levels
  • RUNNING SURFACE: 20″ x 60″
  • TRAINING PROGRAMS: 7 - Manual, 5 Preset, 2 User
  • COMPUTER DISPLAY: Widescreen 6.5” Blue Backlit
  • LCD FOLDING: Yes, with lift assist
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 200 x 89 x 137.5cm (L x W x H)
  • BOXED SIZE/ WEIGHT: 209 x 77.5 x 44cm / 110kg
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5 years parts, 2 years labour

So, what’s the review verdict?

The Xterra Fitness TR600 is excellent value for money, its craftsmanship and durability, along with its many features makes this an unrivalled in class treadmill. There are not many other folding treadmills that perform so well with such little noise whilst looking so good.

It’s hard to say how to improve this model within its range as it’s so fairly priced. For under $1000 most would not expect features such as handlebar controls, an oversized deck, quick touch speed controls, built in speakers and a well cushioned deck.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded treadmill for under $1000 this would be a great choice.

XTERRA Fitness TR600 Treadmill [Video]

XTERRA Fitness TR600 Treadmill