Is The Yowza Fitness Boca Treadmill Really Professional Grade?

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May 10 2020
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Yowza Boca Professional Grade Treadmill Review

This Yowza Fitness Boca treadmill is often sold out. We do feature it in our Top-Rated Treadmills list but it is not always in stock due to it’s popularity. If it’s out of stock then there may be a used item for sale instead.

Yowza Fitness are all about innovation and cutting edge design. Through 30 years in the industry, Yowza have created an excellent reputation for well manufactured products, with products all designed in the USA and rigorously tested.

Their elliptical machine has patented CardioCore technology which counters rotational movement and its treadmill has further patented technology in its Swing Arm and Hands Free Motion Control.

This is a testament to Yowza’s innovation in this field. They have a deep commitment to delivering quality and dependable machines as well as excellent customer service, they only sell direct and you cannot get any machines from big box vendors.

This Yowza marketing strategy ensures your investment will hold its value.

Yowza Fitness Boca Treadmill Side View

The Boca Professional Grade Swing Arm Treadmill utilizes Yowza’s advanced and patented technology to create a cushioned yet hi-tech running experience.

Its cushioned technology allows you to run harder for longer whilst reducing the impact across your joints The Boca is also the only treadmill to combine IWM (Intelligent Weight Management) software with myLiveLight application, allowing you to track your calories, meals, workouts and progress in real time.

This machine isn’t just great for weight management but for experienced runners and joggers the added motion controlled speed sensors, where you can change your speed with a wave of the hand, helps for an uninterrupted workout.

Yowza Boca Top Features

  1. IWM (Intelligent Weight Management)
  2. Bluetooth Wireless Weight Scale
  3. myLiveLight
  4. Swing Arm Technology
  5. Hands Free Speed Up/Down Motion Sensors

If weight loss is your goal the Boca should be your first choice in fitness equipment, it’s excellent combination of technology’s gives you a simple way to track and improve your results.

Weight loss happens when you reduce the number of calories you eat and/or increase the amount of exercise you expend; the problem is it’s very difficult to track and unwanted calories can easily slip by. This treadmill interacts with a weighing scale as well as the myLiveLight app (myLiveLight Android link) to help you keep track of your bodyweight as well as helping to create workout programs for you. (myLiveLight Apple Link).

Yowza Patented Swing Arm Technology is a unique addition you will only find with Yowza, its swing arm technology mimics running on changing terrain by offering suspension to your running, this helps reduce impact on joints whilst having a soft yet firm push off.

It also increases the calories burned by 23%., by increasing efficiency much like a cars suspension, it moves and adapts as well as anticipating your next step. Ideal for those with lower back or joint issues.

Yowza Fitness Overview [Video]

The Hands-free speed up/down motion sensors are unique. The problem with treadmills especially for endurance runners is having to break stride to adjust the speed, not only does this cost you locomotive energy but it can also be a little dangerous.

Yowza have added motion sensors to the arms on this treadmill, which you can increase or decrease the speed by simply waving your hand over the sensor.

Nice Swipe Control Of The Speed Feature On The Boca

This allows you to stay in your rhythm throughout your run. As well as motion control, you also have One Touch speed and incline controls, which can take you to any speed or incline with a single touch of a button.

Yowza Fitness Boca Treadmill FAQ

What size is the running belt?

The Boca Pro has a 20 x 63” orthopedic belt, which is perfect for all types of runners and can easily handle large stride users.

Does it have speakers?

Yes, Yowza have given this treadmill Fitsound Bluetooth Speakers for ease of use to your smart phone.

Does it include Pre-Set Workouts?

Yes, although only 7 workouts are given as standard. This will increase if you utilize the apps and tablet holder.

Does it have space for my tablet?

Yes, the Boca includes a built-in tablet rack.

Does it come with a heart rate monitor?

Yes, you will receive a wireless heart rate chest belt.

Has it got cooling fans?

Yes, this model has 3-speed adjustable cooling fans.

What is the warranty like?

Yowza Fitness offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 5 years on parts and electronics, 2 year’s in-home labor and a 30-day Money back Guarantee. This shows exceptional confidence on their product and reinforces their high-quality manufacturing.

Connectivity With MyLiveLight is Buitl In To The BocaHow fast does it go?

The speed range for this model is 0.5-12mph.

Does it have an incline?

Yes, this machine comes with 12 levels of incline.

How powerful is the motor?

The motor is a 3.5 Continuous Horse Power quiet motor, which is an excellent size for power and noise reduction.

What is the deck made from?

The deck is made from 1” triple laminated phenolic wax- impregnated material.

What is the belt made from?

The large running cushioned running belt is made from multi-layer PVC with a nylon- polyester whisper weave bottom.

Does it have transport wheels?

Yes, this treadmill has transport wheels if you need to move it to a new spot in your home.

Does it include a water bottle holder?

Yes, the water bottle holder is placed under the dashboard for ease and accessibility.

How long is this treadmill?

This treadmill is 79” long.

What is the height of this treadmill?

The height of this treadmill is 57”.

Yowza Boa Connectivity Is Via BluetoothWhat is the width of this treadmill?

The width of this treadmill is 34”.

How much does it weigh?

This product weighs 260lbs.

What are the shipping dimensions of The Boca?

The box is 80” long, 37” wide and 18” high.

What is the total shipping weight?

The total shipping weight for this product is 332lbs.

What is the frame made of?

The frame is scratch resistance, powder coated Unibody Steel.

What is the maximum user weight?

The maximum user weight for this machine is 330lbs.

What power supply do I need?

This machine is not self-generating; therefore, it needs to be plugged into a 110V AC.

What are the pre-set workouts?

The workouts include a Target Time Program, Target Distance Program, Target Calories Program, Incline Interval Program, Speed Interval Program, Weight Loss Program, 5k Self Learning program, Heart Rate Control Program, Custom Course 1-3 (C1-C3) program.

What is the step-up height?

The Boca has a 9” step-up height to the belt.

Why should I track my calories?

There are many ways in which you can track calories or keep track of your fitness progress, simple ways like keeping a food diary or using an app such as MyFitnessPal are the most popular.

You probably think you know exactly what you eat each day and have a rough estimate of your calorie intake, but if you try just a few days of tracking I’m sure you will be surprised.

The simple act of tracking can help you lose weight by making you aware of hidden calories that sneak into your diet, it can also tell you what you may be missing from your diet. Not eating enough protein and fiber is the most common realization.

The Boca Professional Grade Treadmill has taken all this into account and combined its treadmill with technology that will assist you in keeping track of your weight and your diet.

What should my calorie intake be?

Your calorie intake varies dependent on your activity level age and size, for sedentary men they usually require around 2200 to 2600 calories per day.

For women, the range is usually between 1600-2000 but you can estimate your daily calorie needs by multiplying your bodyweight by 13.

You will be able to find lots of calculators online to help you with this, although if you do purchase this treadmill the app will work this out and generate a specific workout program for you, whilst also interacting with your treadmill, which we find pretty cool!

Yowza Boca Swing Arm Series Treadmills [Video]

What is myLiveLight?

myLiveLight is an app that helps make managing a healthy lifestyle easy and enjoyable. It helps you track weight, calorie intake and activity. It shows you instant results and allows you to track your data over time in an easy to understand way.

The app helps deliver workout programs direct to your treadmill via the IWM software.

Yowza Boca Console Is Very Sophisticated

So, What’s the verdict?

The Yowza Boca Professional Grade Treadmill is the number one weight loss treadmill available, its technology and the integration of that technology puts it head and shoulders above the competition in its class.

But it’s not just the technology that’s impressive, the performance from its powerful motor and motion free sensors make this a great investment for most seasoned runners.

The swing arm technology is surprisingly quiet for a suspended and moving belt, the unique feel is very comfortable and it almost feels like you’re being propelled forward with a soft yet firm landing.

Yowza Fitness offer so much as standard with this machine, there are other treadmills more highly priced that do not offer anywhere near what Yowza do.

Speakers, cooling fans, OneTouch controls and a built-in tablet holder are fundamentals for treadmills these days and Yowza understand this.

If you are overweight looking to make a change or you just like tracking data you will not regret an investment in this machine that will last a lifetime. And even if you do (which is unlikely), you have a 30-day money back guarantee to settle any doubts.

This Yowza Boca Treadmill is a great inclusion in our Best Home Treadmills top 10 list. Go ahead and spoil yourself!

Yowza Boca Treadmill Review [Video]

Yowza Boca Treadmill Review