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A Professional Soccer Player Experiences Painful Leg Cramps
If you suffer from occasional or frequent leg cramps while training with your home gym, or outside while running then this guide to deal with leg cramps is for you. Learn common remedies to help with the pain and get advice on how to minimize the occurrence and effect of this painful side-effect of training hard
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Fitness Motivation Is Important But How Do You Maintain It?

Top advice from our resident personal fitness coach, Luke Keating on how to stay motivated for exercise and fitness. Many people suffer with motivation fatigue and keeping up can be draining especially when it's a psychological battle with yourself. Here are Luke's best tips on how to keep interested in keeping fit.

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Best Fitness Gadgets For Motivation To Stay Healthy Wearable Tech

There is loads of technology available to help you maintain motivation for keeping fit, but what are the options? Our Editor, personal trainer and fitness expert, Luke Keating takes a look at the best tech for fitness motivation including wearable tech and genetic testing programs. Whatever tech you choose, you can be sure that there is the right option out there for you.

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Guide To Making Daily Exercise At Home A Habit To Keep

Personal trainer, Luke Keating shares advice and practical tips on how to apply some discipline and make exercise a daily habit. Exercising at home can be a rewarding and time-saving way to keep fit, but how do you ensure that you create a habit out of your workout routine? Follow Luke's guide to maintaining home exercise on a regular basis and stay fit for longer.

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How To Find Time To Workout With A Busy Schedule

If you are struggling to find time to exercise with a busy schedule then this guide is for you. Many people find it tough to make time to workout as part of their daily routine but it is possible to exercise on a busy schedule. This guide to working out as part of a busy day will help you make time for a home fitness schedule.

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