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The Ultimate Body Plan

Our Editor, personal trainer Luke Keating has published a bestselling book that is available for Amazon Kindle. If you sign up to Mygymexpert with Facebook you can win a free copy. Details below:

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Who’s this book for?

This book is not for people trying to get as ripped or muscular as possible. It is for people who want to get to and maintain a healthy weight easily. If your looking for fast results skip to The Emergency Diet Plan

There are some fundamental basics we’ve lost touch with. We can’t grow our own food, or cook it properly. We have no idea how to keep a healthy weight or even what the word health means. The diet industry has taught us the definition of health and it gets bundled together with weight loss, the two are not the same and both definitions given to us are wrong.

When trying to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ people automatically think ‘diet’ and ‘gym’, the truth is, you don’t need either.

People ask me all the time “what can I do to tone up and get healthy”, it’s a hard question for me to answer, I can reel off all the information in bullet points, breakdown macronutrients and give a fancy supplement list. But the truth is that any information I give them there and then will most likely fail. Its too many drastic changes at once.

Success comes in the habits and lifestyle you create. The aim of this book is to give you a summarised guide of the tools you need to get lean and healthy.

I don’t go in depth into the science just real honest information you can implement into your everyday life.

This book is a 4 part process, slowly introduce a step as you master each one.

  1. Pimp My Kitchen
  2. Basic Nutrition
  3. Check Your Health
  4. Exercise and Activity

The Lifestyle section is a checklist of tips for long term success.