Your 6 Best Ways To Lose The Baby Fat After Pregnancy

Apr 20 2020
Shed The Baby Fat After Giving Birth By Following These Exercises
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Regain your confidence as a woman by losing baby fat and getting your body back after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very significant period that changes a woman’s life, body, feeding routine and schedule.

During pregnancy, you put on a lot of weight because you consume more than the usual quantity of food as you feed for two and try to satisfy your incessant cravings. After pregnancy, losing the extra weight you have put on is very important if you want to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

The excess baby fat you put on during pregnancy will make fitting into your old clothes a challenge. Your maternity dresses will look big and inappropriate for outings.

The only way to solve this problem, and get your body back after pregnancy is by losing the baby fat. Losing the extra pounds will get you back in shape and give you your pre-pregnant body so that you can easily fit into clothes and go back to your regular schedule.

Losing baby fat is not a very difficult task. Of course, it's not magical, it just takes some time and requires a great deal of consistency.

Losing Baby Fat After Giving Birth Can Be A Challenge But We Show You How

Tips On Losing Baby Fat and Getting That Stolen Body Back

Six weeks after childbirth, you should be ready to get back in shape, and the following proven tips will help you get your body back after pregnancy or even something better.

1. Breastfeeding

Women lose about 400-700 pounds each day from breastfeeding and this is a very efficient and easy way to get rid of the baby fat you have put on. To maintain a balance, you will need to increase your caloric intake.

The increased calories will not make you put on more weight because you lose them quickly during breastfeeding.

Without exercise, you can lose a significant amount of baby fat but, if you are not breastfeeding, you will need to carry out some exercises or go back to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine.

Meanwhile keep in mind that when you stop breastfeeding, your body will begin to store up calories. Therefore you have to watch your caloric intake or switch over to exercising if you want to lose more baby fat.

2. Exercise

Exercising after pregnancy is necessary and has been proven as one of the effective ways of losing baby fat after pregnancy. It doesn't just help in shedding the extra fat, it increases your energy, prevents and tackles postpartum depression.

Before you start exercising, it is necessary that you check with your medical adviser or doctor to be sure that you are fit for exercise. This consultation is even more critical if you had a C-section or complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Do not expect to go back to your normal rigorous exercise routine immediately. You will have to begin with mild workouts and progress steadily until you can return to your pre-pregnant routine. Eventually you will be able to get back to your favorite home gym equipment and exercise like a champion!

One of the easiest exercises to begin with is:

A. Walking

Taking some strides regularly around your home is a great way to lose some baby fat and exercise. It is one of the most natural exercises you can perform even with your baby.

Pushing a stroller with your baby in it, using the stroller to perform some mild exercises or carrying your baby as you move around can help you lose baby fat.

B. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles consist of all muscles in your midsection. Your midsection is where you carry your baby so, the extra weight strains the core muscles and loosens them.

Need To Know How To Get Rid Of That Pregnancy Fat? We Show You How!Strengthening the abdominal, hip and back muscles is vital to getting your body back after childbirth.

To build and strengthen your core muscles, you should first locate these muscles and try to involve them in your workout by keeping them contracted and tight.

Go ahead and perform the following exercises:

  • Pelvic tilt: Sit, put a pillow between your knees, then squeeze, tighten and relax your buttocks. Do this a couple of times every day. This simple exercise is a great start towards tightening your core muscles
  • The bridge position: Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet in front of your buttocks. Try to keep your back in a neutral position. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your hip off the floor. Start slowly and hold for some seconds as you lift your hip. Be sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight as you workout. You can do this in sets of repetitions
  • Planks: Lie on your stomach and lift your weight unto your toes and forearms. Make sure your toes and forearms are on the ground, your back is straight, spine and neck should be in a neutral position. With your face down, tighten your abdominal muscles and hold this position for some seconds. Relax and then repeat the process
  • Squats: Squats for known for improving the muscles in the back and abdomen. Stand, keep your feet shoulder width apart, make sure that your feet and toes are pointing forward. Do not arch your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and bend your knees slowly as you move into a squat. You can extend your arms but make sure your knees don't extend your toe. Hold the squat for some seconds then repeat the process
  • Side planks: The side planks just like the regular planks will strengthen your core muscles and help you get your body back after childbirth. To perform the side planks, lie down, lift yourself, and balance your weight on your forearm using the side of your body that is most comfortable. Keep your abdominal muscles tight as you assume this position, hold for some seconds, relax and repeat the process. You can switch to the other side of your body as you workout.

C. Weight training

Lifting weights will help you lose baby fat, retain, strengthen your muscles and maintain a good heart. Using hand weights to perform exercises like bicep and triceps curls can strengthen the legs and core area. It can also help in shedding the baby fat on your arms

D. Swimming

Swimming is another wonderful way of losing baby fat after pregnancy. It helps you relax. The buoyancy in the water can reduce stress, release your joints and help you ease back into your former routine.

Yoga and Cardio: Taking yoga classes will strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. Cardio classes will give you time to socialize, work some group muscles, give yourself some time to focus, and increase heart rate. The activities involved will help you lose more baby fat.

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3. Dieting

Dieting is a proven way of losing baby fat quickly. Watching what you eat, when you eat and how you eat fastens the process of losing baby fat after pregnancy.

There are some sophisticated ways to achieve weight loss like carb cycling, but when you have just had a baby you need to follow simpler methods that will not interfere with the nutritional benefits to your baby while breast feeding.

When breastfeeding, it is necessary that you take at least 500 extra calories every day because your body uses it to produce milk for your baby.

But after breastfeeding, it is important that you watch your caloric intake if you want to lose baby fat.

Eat more proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also consume dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurts that will increase your calcium level and strengthen your bones.

Avoid eating sugar-loaded foods like chocolates, cookies, cakes, sweets, etc. Drink more water instead of fizzy drinks. Instead of eating large portions of food at a time, eat small portions throughout the day and try to incorporate dairy products into every meal.

Also consuming healthy snacks like fruit smoothies, hard boiled eggs, egg or chicken salad with whole grain bread is a great way of losing baby fat and staying on track.

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4. Kegel exercises

These exercises are great for strengthening and lifting the pelvic floor muscles which become weak during pregnancy and delivery.

A weak pelvic floor leads to urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, vaginal prolapse, poor sexual performance experienced by most women after childbirth.

Performing kegel exercise treats these conditions, strengthen the vaginal walls and improve sexual performance.

However, before you begin Kegel exercises, you will need to check with your medical adviser to ensure you are fit to perform them.

You can also use kegel balls to work your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle as you practice kegel exercise.

5. Take naps and get enough sleep

Sleeping right helps you lose baby fat as it keeps your food cravings in check and saves your energy. It is also a quick getaway from depression.

The right amount of sleep reserves your energy and keeps you stronger for exercising and your weight loss training.

6. Socializing

Instead of staying indoors every day, mix up with other new moms, engage in an activity or two with them and spend time doing things you love.

Socializing takes your mind off the stress of childbirth and care, gives you some time for yourself and is a convenient way of losing baby fat without even knowing.

Exercising with new moms is a great way of staying energized and motivated.

By sharing experiences, you discover new ideas to stay on track as you continue the journey of losing baby fat and getting your body back.

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