How To Build A Home Gym for Under $3000

Dec 05 2020
Home Gym Ideas For Building An Exercise Room For Under $3000
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In spite of generally having the best gym equipment, plenty of folks prefer working out at home versus a traditional fitness center. The simple reason? Convenience. The biggest drawback to a home gym system is that they can lack the full range of equipment that a traditional fitness center can offer and afford. Of course, home systems do not need every available piece of fitness kit, but you want to make sure that you have certain fundamental pieces in yours.

So, to help you choose the right fitness equipment when researching home-gym ideas, we discuss how to build an efficient home gym set, no matter your goal or current level of fitness.

In fact if you’re a pure novice you can build a gym for a lot less than $3000. Simple pieces of equipment such as resistance bands, steps and a stationary bike will cover most of your needs to begin with.

Resistance bands

Resistance Bands like the ones used by personal trainers and fitness gurus not only allow for variety, but for expanding the strength routine to include other strength areas and flexibility. Most brands of resistance bands (which are also called tubing) allow varying degrees of resistance. Often, these degrees are given a weight, like 7 lbs., 10 lbs., etc.. In order to properly equip your home-gym, you will need several sets of resistance bands.

This may mean a rainbow of bands as most brands use different colors to designate different resistance levels -- in fact, the tubing thickness is what dictates resistance, but the color-code method help visually. Technicalities aside, investing in several bands enables you to have more than one or two resistance levels for your workouts. We have written a full guide with a resistance band workout chart for download.

The superior-quality brands come with clips so that you add different resistance bands (or even multiple bands) without having to change the handles. While this benefit by itself Realize Your Home Gym Idea With This Guide To Save Moneydoes not reduce overall cost to a significant degree, it means you can enjoy the consistency of your own handles, which may be nothing more than a personal preference.

Aerobic Step

An adjustable aerobic step can also be a great investment. It's easy to put away under a bed, and a great way to make your aerobic workout more challenging. A mini stair stepper can be a good choice, so long as you get a good quality one, many come with handles so that you can involve your entire body, not just your legs.

Once again, these are generally small enough you can store them out of the way with ease, or have them in whichever part of the house you would like to work out in on a particular day. It can also be utilised later when your strength has progressed by increasing the height, adding weight or using jump exercises.

Cardio Machine

The more expensive of the three starter pack options will be the Cardio Machine. Good stationary bikes, elliptical trainers or treadmills start at at least $1000 and up. At this price range expect excellent performance with preset guided training programs, WiFi and app compatibility. High quality parts and extensive warranties, ensure that these machines will last a lifetime even with regular vigorous use.

A good cardio machine is a great investment whether you prefer a bike, elliptical or treadmill. Never buy a cheap product you will always end up paying more, remember we’re helping you set up a home gym for a whole lifestyle change that you will use forever. Invest now and save later.

Choosing the Right Cardio Machine or Treadmill

First, consider your wellness destinations. Whether it's upgraded athletic execution, general well-being and wellness, or restoration, knowing how you will utilize your treadmill can help you recognize which model to purchase. Next, consider spending plan.

Putting resources into a more-costly machine gets you sturdier development, a more extended parts guarantee, a bigger running surface, higher top velocity, and more extreme grade. However, in the event that your objectives don't require the most recent and most noteworthy, you might be able to pick a less costly model.

Points To Remember When Chosing A Cardio Machine/Treadmill:

  • Size: Most treadmills have a comparative impression, overall 77 creeps in length by 35 crawls wide. A collapsing treadmill will be a large portion of its length when put away. You'll need satisfactory unfilled space around the treadmill for access and well-being
  • Ergonomics: In case you're a runner, you will require a deck length that suits your step. Consider how agreeable you are on the machine while strolling or running. Pick a model that engages you ergonomically and tastefully
  • High-tech features: Docks for iPods, USB ports, and remote Internet network are standard elements on numerous treadmills
  • Adjustability: Most treadmills have top paces somewhere around 10 and 12 mph; some will go quicker. They commonly slant between a 10 to 15 percent grade, however some offer an expanded slope

What To Look For In An Elliptical Machine

An Elliptical Machine Can Help You Keep Fit At Home

  1. Consider your objectives and the objectives of other potential exercisers in your home before you begin your journey. Most families will have more than one person that will probably be utilizing the gear. Runners will profit by the non-sway feature as a supplement to their running. Older exercisers will welcome the ease and simplicity of the movement
  2. Start your shopping by researching online to discover the hardware that interests you. Discover the first class brands through our reviews and visit the specific product review pages, even our Facebook page is a good place to start to see who is utilizing what hardware
  3. Most can be bought online through our site or other shopping locales and through retail locations
  4. Buying online is usually less costly, yet you should accomplish more research about which items you need, and frequently need to build the gear yourself when it arrives – however this fluctuates by shopping locales
  5. Numerous merchants only offer certain brands. This is the reason it is imperative to do your exploration early. Some sites will probably have a more taught staff, higher quality hardware and the capacity to collect and administration your item all the more adequately than others. Some have financing alternatives. In some cases such as ours these merchants will likewise have associations with fitness coaches to help you begin your project
  6. Test the gear. On the off chance that you buy on the web, attempt to figure out how to test the hardware through a companion, exercise center, spa or lodging. The best makers regularly offer business items, so you can figure out their gear elsewhere
  7. If you go into a store, be prepared to test the gear in the way in which you will utilize it at home. Test a few models whilst you are there, then hunt for the best deals online

But what if you’re not a beginner?

If you're into weightifting, more experienced lifters need a home gym that will cater for progressive overload. This means in most cases they need to be able to increase the weight lifted. Home gyms long term are the best investment no matter your goal, they give variety and the ability to continually improve.

One of the big reasons people don't like to have a home gym is the expense. Treadmills and other large equipment cost a lot and take up tons of space. Then you feel guilty as you use it as a place to store clothes rather than exercise with it. This is a mistake that results from trying to make your home gym look like a Membership Gym you might join. There's nothing wrong with wanting that kind of equipment, so long as you are sure you will really get good use out of it.

Home gyms these days can give you an all in one training center with no extras for under $3000, take the Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage instance. This machine gives you the ability to create over 100 exercises, the fixed machines with addition of a free weight bar attachment offers you a chance to build strength as well as the ability to work without machine restriction.

It also has a cable machine built into it for extra bodybuilding exercises or for functional training, with added accessories such as different bars and ankle straps. Not only will you be able to train a variety of muscles such as; legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms but also your core muscles.

Home gyms over the $1000 mark are an absolute must long term, these will cater for heavy duty and high performance use and your investment will be covered by an extensive warranty. These models will come with added options for heavier weight as well as storage pins for weight plate making sure you never outgrow or out-lift your home training centre.

But if you don’t have the space for an all in one home gym, a barbell with plates, dumbbells and resistance bands are also great alternatives. These are quite inexpensive, and you can have a small selection without taking up a ton of space.

A crossover alternative is a space saving home gym such as the SoloStrength Home Gym, this frame can be attached to a wall, in a doorway or be free standing. It allows you to master all of the basic body weight exercises such as press ups, pull ups, dips and even has an attachment point for a TRX.A Home Fitness Room Will Save Maoney On Expensive Gym Membership

The TRX is a type of suspension training equipment developed by the Navy Seals so that they could train anywhere at anytime, it’s highly portable and helps you complete hundreds of new exercises.

The key to a successful home gym is that it works with what you will do for exercise. If you aren't really going to use it, even cheap exercise equipment probably isn't worth the money. Take your time and be sure.

So How Can I Create The Best Home Gym For Under $3000?

Here is my take on the best home gym idea for way less money than an annua Gym membership. This is the equipment that you will need:

Olympic bar

This bar weighs 20kg and is 7ft in length, it allows your to perform most major exercises and if I was to choose just one piece of fitness equipment it would be this.

price: around $105

Olympic Weight Plates

Dependent on your level you will need a variety or plates, some start as low as 2.5kg and go up to 25kg per plate.

Price: around $110

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

One of the most comprehensive machines on the market, works nicely with the olympic bar and weight plates

Head on over to the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Review for detailed information.

Price: around $1000 (includes bench)

NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill

An excellent value for money machine, The NordicTrack C1650 Treadmill features lots of entertainment features and high quality workmanship.

Price: around $1299

This leaves $400-$500 spare for added accessories such as:

  1. Resistance bands
  2. Foam rollers
  3. TRX
  4. Mats
  5. Cable attachments

Don't get caught up buying training gimmicks, they can be expensive and are very one dimensional in their use.

How About If You Don’t Have Much Space?

Home fitness equipment technology has come a long way, they understand not everyone has a large garage or spare room which can be turned into a gym. If you take the time to research products properly you can find excellent ingenuity, even for cardio machines and home gyms. But it’s important to remember that reliable machines that are either portable or foldable will come at a price.

Foldable treadmills that we’ve reviewed at under $1000 tend to rattle and wobble with each stride, they also have poor safety, the track could drop at anytime. The better foldable treadmills have safety lifting feature and power assist that remove this problem, they also have sturdy frames made from quality parts which stops the wobble and increases the performance and noise reduction.

Noise reduction is a very important feature in home machines, especially if you’re looking to use it early morning whilst other family members are in bed.

Treadmills such as the 3G Cardio Fold Flat Treadmill, although priced close to $1800 gives excellent value for money with a noise reduction belt and lower impact track. It also has the ability to fold completely flat to be stored under the bed or in a cupboard, making it an excellent addition to any gym with the goal of space saving.

Home Gyms have a large base and take up a lot of room, even if they do offer the ability ot perform 100's of exercises. In some homes it’s just not feasible.

Dumbbells: Portable and adjustable dumbbell sets such at the ones from Bowflex allow you to choose from 5 to 52.5 lbs in weight from a single stack. You can rapidly change and switch from each exercise, the Bowflex dumbbells combines 15 sets of weight into one. The space you need for a home gym is minimal but I would recommend also purchasing the stand to stop you bumping your toe on them every day (speaking from experience).

Home Gym Equipment Need Not Be Expensive

A Pull-up Bar is a brilliant addition to your home gym, the pull up is otherwise known as the upper body squat. Meaning it’s probably the only exercise you’ll ever need for your back. Iron Gym have stole the market on this with a design that slips easily into any doorway, installing quickly without anything fixings whilst still being able to hold up to 300lbs in weight.

Push up Stands like the ones from Perfect Fitness allow you to get a full range of motion in a push up, with the option to change angles and rotate. Created by a former Navy Seal who saw so many injuries from high repetition press ups, designed this to give a more natural movement for the shoulder, whilst optimizing performance.

So it’s even possible to create a home gym for under $3000, when you don’t have much space. For those with a busy schedule or those that simply dislike gyms, it’s a small investment to make for your body. So go ahead, check out the best home gym equipment you can buy for under $3,000 and get going!

How to build a HOME GYM!