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How To Increase Leg Strength With Our Personal Training Guide
The lower body is an often neglected part of fitness and strength building regimes, but leg strength is just as important as upper body strength. Follow our guide on how to increase your leg strength and power.
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Guide to Increasing UpperBody Strength At Home
Luke Keating's guide to improving strength in your upper body at home. If you need to enhance your strength, particularly in your shoulders, back, chest or arms then these practical exercises and workout routines will get you looking and feeling stronger.
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Complete Smith Machine Exercises For Whole Body Workout PDF and eBook
Our complete guide to Smith Machine Exercises with a PDF and eBook format download. Although we focus on the Marcy 9010G Smith Cage with a bench, these smith machine workouts can be done on any similar equipment. The eBook Chart and PDF version will be handy to keep on your phone or tablet to guide your exercise regime.
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Shed The Baby Fat After Giving Birth By Following These Exercises
This is your best guide for how to lose weight after pregnancy. Get rid of your baby weight after giving birth by following our simple steps. 6 of the most effective ways to shed the weight after having a baby.
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A Professional Soccer Player Experiences Painful Leg Cramps
If you suffer from occasional or frequent leg cramps while training with your home gym, or outside while running then this guide to deal with leg cramps is for you. Learn common remedies to help with the pain and get advice on how to minimize the occurrence and effect of this painful side-effect of training hard
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Best 10 Treadmills For Home Use Video Overview
An introduction to the top 10 treadmills rated by our Editor and personal trainer, Luke Keating. Luke summarises the pros and cons of each treadmill and explains the reasons why he has rated it a best buy product.
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Carb Cycling And Fat Loss The Pros And Cons Discussed

The Cyclic ketogenic diet or Carb cycling is often cited as a diet to help maximize weight loss, but how does Carb Cycling work? Does it even really work? In this article our editor and nutritionist, Luke Keating discusses the Pro's and Con's of fat loss by Carb Cycling.

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Fitness Motivation Is Important But How Do You Maintain It?

Top advice from our resident personal fitness coach, Luke Keating on how to stay motivated for exercise and fitness. Many people suffer with motivation fatigue and keeping up can be draining especially when it's a psychological battle with yourself. Here are Luke's best tips on how to keep interested in keeping fit.

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Best Fitness Gadgets For Motivation To Stay Healthy Wearable Tech

There is loads of technology available to help you maintain motivation for keeping fit, but what are the options? Our Editor, personal trainer and fitness expert, Luke Keating takes a look at the best tech for fitness motivation including wearable tech and genetic testing programs. Whatever tech you choose, you can be sure that there is the right option out there for you.

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Best Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress When Exercising Regularly

You train hard, but often improvements are hard to notice. How do you track your fitness progress while keeping fit? We look at the best methods for keeping tabs on your fitness levels and show you how to measure your fitness results as they progress.

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Best Home Gym Accessories To Transform Your Home Workouts

Looking for the best home gym accessories to transform your exercise workouts? If you have these extra pieces of home gym equipment, some of them inexpensive additions, you can seriously extend the scope and range of exercises you can do at home. Here are Personal Trainer Luke Keating's 9 Best Home Gym Accessory Picks to get this year.

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Treamill Knee Pain Can Be Avoided With These 6 Tips For Healthy Knees

If you suffer treadmill knee pain then these 6 tips for healthy knees will help you avoid further knee injury and recover from painful knees. Many people overuse a treadmill and suffer with joint pain because they have hurt their knees while using a treadmill. While it is not the same as running on soft grass, there are ways that you can avoid the risk of knee injury on the treadmill.

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Guide To Finding The Right Personal Trainer For Your Fitness Regime

A personal trainer can be an amazing addition to accelerate your fitness and enhance your motivation, but how do you choose the right one? Luke Keating, our Editor and resident fitness expert shares this guide to finding the best personal trainer or individual workout coach for one-on-one fitness training.

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Guide To Making Daily Exercise At Home A Habit To Keep

Personal trainer, Luke Keating shares advice and practical tips on how to apply some discipline and make exercise a daily habit. Exercising at home can be a rewarding and time-saving way to keep fit, but how do you ensure that you create a habit out of your workout routine? Follow Luke's guide to maintaining home exercise on a regular basis and stay fit for longer.

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We All Want To Lose Belly Fat But How Do You Do It At Home?

Learn how to lose belly fat at home without a gym membership. Lot's of people want to lose weight on their belly but don't realize that weight loss is even possible without an expensive gym membership. In fact there is a lot you can do to lose belly fat right in your own home. Follow our guide by personal coach Luke Keating and watch the fat drop off fast!

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How To Find Time To Workout With A Busy Schedule

If you are struggling to find time to exercise with a busy schedule then this guide is for you. Many people find it tough to make time to workout as part of their daily routine but it is possible to exercise on a busy schedule. This guide to working out as part of a busy day will help you make time for a home fitness schedule.

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Home Gym Ideas For Building An Exercise Room For Under $3000

Want to build a home gym as part of your interior design project or just have an idea for a simple home fitness room in the basement? There are lots of home exercise room ideas ranging from the luxury designer interior home gym or you can build a functional home gym without the frills. Whatever you needs we can help you realize your home gym ideas and help you build a home fitness room for under $3,000

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Best Ways To Prepare For A Marathon for Beginners

If you are looking to train for a marathon as a novice then you need efficient training tips to achieve your goal. The best methods to train for a marathon are many and varied but our beginner's guide on how to prepare for such a major running event will help you get in shape using 7 easy to follow methods. Running is a great pastime and the sense of achievement when completing a marathon is second to none. Read more if you are new to the sport and want to give this endurance sport your best.

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