Best All-Round Elliptical Machine: ProForm 12.0 NE Review

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May 10 2020
Best All-Round Elliptical Machine - The Proform 12.0 NE Review
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The ProForm 12.0 NE Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The elliptical machine is also known as a x-trainer or cross trainer is a stationary machine used to copy the patterns of stair-climbing, running or walking without putting too much pressure or impact against joints.

The machine can be used by those who are injured or have restricted range of motion but they also have the ability to give high intensity workouts due to its different resistance settings.

Most elliptical trainers have both moving upper and lower body sections to ensure maximum calories burned. They are considered to be a form of weight bearing exercise even though it is a low impact exercise.

Best All Round Elliptical Machine Proform 12.0 NE

About ProForm Fitness

ProForm Fitness is a brand of ICON Health and Fitness Group, the world’s number one home fitness manufacturers. Icon Fitness have over 40 years of helping people reach their health and fitness goals, their aim is the continuous pursuit of maintaining and improving the human body.

With humble beginnings, the company was founded in 1977 when two entrepreneurs started a small import business and then focusing their efforts in the emerging opportunities in the fitness industry.

In 1980 ICON released a folding treadmill suitable for storage that allowed people to have a treadmill at home. This is just one example of the amazing innovation, design and engineering of this trusted company. Today, ICON’s brands include premium treadmills such as NordicTrack and ProForm. ICON is a American based company with headquarters in Utah.

The ProForm 12.0 NE Elliptical is an enjoyable total body workout. It’s a hi-tech option of elliptical that’s best feature allows you to be compatible with Google Maps and IFit, through its 7” full color touch display.

As well as including an integrated tablet holder and IPod compatibility with built in speakers, which will help you keep further entertained by allowing you access to apps and social media while you train. You should expect quality build and parts from this high performing machine.

The ProForm 12.0 NE Is The Best All Round Elliptical You Can Buy

Pro-form 12 NE Top Features:

IFit Enabled

This machine allows you to access the IFit app through its display or through your IPad, IFit gives you access to personalized workout plans, google maps and links up with wearable trackers.

Their top trainers will send you workouts specifically designed for you, they have dieticians that will give you videos recipes to help you meet your nutrition and calorie goals. IFit sleep experts can also help you get a better night’s sleep and help you feel more refreshed in the morning.

Membership must be purchased separately but if you’re the type who needs extra motivation and support this is a well worth cost. The access to google maps lets you work out anywhere in the world, you can view your workouts stats and have support from an online community.

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Integrated Tablet Holder

The tablet holder sits above the display console so it doesn’t block your view of your workout stats, the position also allows you to keep better posture with your head up rather than exercising for long periods of time hanging your head down and straining your neck.

Hi-tech Console

The 7” color display is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, It has IPod compatibility, built in speakers, 32 Preset workout programs, CoolAire workout fan and 24 levels of resistance. Just below the console you have Bluetooth smart EKG grip pulse monitors to help you track your heart rate.


This model has a 20” power adjustable stride, which is adjusted to your comfort and height. You can also use larger and shorter strides to hit specific muscle groups. The 12.0 is a front drive system with a heavy 32lb Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel, this heavy flywheel ensures power, durability and a silent ride.

The ProForm 12.0 NE has digital quick incline to stimulate the effect of going uphill, making your legs work harder and through a larger range of motion. The resistance is SMR Magnetic Resistance which means it doesn’t wear and is extremely quiet even at the top levels of resistance, you can power this using the multiple grip handlebars and adjustable oversized foot pedals. All this is built around a solid commercial grade steel construction.

Great Warranty

This elliptical is protected by a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years’ parts warranty and a 2-year labor warranty.

The ProForm 12.0 NE In This Review Handles Have Heart Rate Sensors

ProForm 12 NE FAQ’s

What is the height of this machine?

The height of this machine is 64.4” tall.

What is the length of this machine?

The length of this machine is 80.3” long.

What is the width of this machine?

The width of this machine is 25.7” wide.

What is the shipping weight of this machine?

The shipping weight is 289lbs.

Does this machine fold up?

No, this machine does not fold or have space saving features.

Does it have an incline option?

Yes, this machine is supported by Digital Quick Incline.

What is the stride length of this machine?

The stride length of this machine is 20”.

How heavy is the flywheel?

The flywheel on this machine weighs 32lbs.

How may preset workout programs does it have?

This machine has 32 preset workout programs included.

Does it have a cooling fan?

Yes, this model includes a CoolAire workout fan.

What is the weight capacity for this machine?

The total weight capacity for this machine is 375lbs.

Is the ProForm NE 12.0 Elliptical easy to assemble?

Yes, this model comes out-of-box assembly which means unboxing your machine is easy and exciting as all the work is already done for you.

There are only a few simple setup steps and you are ready to use your new machine in minutes. This is the perfect option for those who prefer not to DIY.

Can the stride be adjusted for both kids and adults?

Yes, the 20” power adjustable stride can be repositioned easily to suit the whole family.

How many levels of resistance are there?

This machine comes with 24 digital resistance levels that are smooth, silent and frictionless because of their patented SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology.

Can I monitor my heart rate with this machine?

Yes, this model comes with an EKG Grip Pulse and Wireless Chest Strap. These options are perfect for those who want to use the handles or go hands free and focus more on the lower body.

All the information picked up by the sensors is accurately transmitted to the console for easy viewing.

Does it have multiple position upper body grips?

Yes, you have the choice between a total body workout or a supported lower body focused workout.

Are the foot pedals comfortable?

Yes, the oversized cushioned pedals allow you a number of foot positions and provide a comfortable and stable ride.

What is the total footprint of this machine?

The total footprint of this machine is 66.24” X 25.55” X 79.71”.

What kind of drive is this machine?

This machine has front drive design.

How big is the display screen?

The display screen is a 7” full color touchscreen display which connects to what you care about most.

It’s easy to check stats and swipe through your data, it’s so interactive you can even tweet about your workout through the same display whilst your training.

Does it have a water bottle holder?

Yes, the holder is built in and designed for convenient access to help keep you hydrated for your workout.

Does it have transport wheels?

Yes, this model has front mounted wheels so you can move it around with ease.

Is this machine built to last?

Yes, it is made from commercial-gauge solid steel. This makes the machine quite bulky and heavy but durable and quiet.

How high should the ceiling be if 6ft tall and on maximum incline?

A normal 8ft ceiling will offer plenty of room for you to exercise comfortably.

Does it have a reverse?

Yes, you can train in reverse on this elliptical.

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So, What’s the Verdict?

If you’re looking for a great value for money, long lasting yet hi-tech machine this is an exceptional offering by ProForm. For those who lack motivation, get bored easily or need support this model gives you everything you will need.

You will struggle to find more features on an elliptical machine at this price range than what’s offered by the 12.0 NE, its technology, huge number of preset programs and adjustable features allows you to tailor every workout.

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There are more compact options available of ellipticals on our top ten list if its space saving you want. The commercial grade steel frame makes this slightly larger, but if you have the space and want a very durable long term investment not many come close to this elliptical in its price category.

It also looks very nice from every angle; the large color display and integrated tablet holder makes it feel like you’re in a state of the art gym. This model would be at home in any of the top gyms or training facilities in the country, it also has the performance to match. The heavy flywheel, incline and large amount of resistance setting can make this a challenging machine for the most well trained individuals.

If you want to compare the ProForm 12.0 NE with the rest of the best ellipticals on the market then head on over to our best elliptical machines comparison table. Let us know what you think of our top-rated models.

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