Best Weight-Stack Home Gym - The Body-Solid GDCC210

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May 10 2020
Best Weight-Stack Home Gym - The Body-Solid GDCC210
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The Body-Solid Functional Training Center 210 (GDCC210)

Body-Solid have been a leading name in durable and top-rated home gym equipment for over 25 years. Their products are all put together with the highest quality parts and materials, a promise that is kept true throughout their whole large range of products.

Renowned for their multi-station gyms, Body-Solid also offer free weight machines, cardiovascular products, dumbbells, weight plates and other fitness accessories. These products are produced in an ISO-9000 certified facility, this means that the quality of products produced are backed by excellent customer service and promise repeatable quality every time.

Not only are these products suitable for commercial gyms but Body-Solid also offer great suitability for home gyms. If you're on a budget or have limited space but you still want a high-quality product, they are sure to have something for you with such a large range.

The GDCC210 is the modern evolution of strength and circuit training, the 210 offers unlimited versatility in functional training, sports specific and strength exercises. Traditional exercise machines offer simple movements that don't necessarily relate to your goal, especially if you're looking to gain flexibility, move without pain or train for a specific sport.

Core training through functional movements help strengthen your whole body, this functional training machine allows you to challenge your core whilst on your feet by utilizing the Woman using the weight stack on the GDCC210 By Body Solidhundreds of exercises and limitless angels which also help balance and co-ordination. the sheer variety of exercises makes it one of the best home gym equipment investments you can make.

Durability - Only the highest quality parts are used for this model and when in use it feels like a very steady structure, due to its 2" by 3" oval tubing which allows you to move and use heavy weight in all directions without the machine moving.

The Pulleys – The sealed bearing pulleys are fully adjustable allowing you to make use of the full range of movement of your joints. The pull-out pin allows very easy movement from top to bottom and each adjustment point feels solid. With 20-point adjustment points and 180 degrees of frictionless positioning allows for huge variety in exercises. The 2500lb cables provide smooth and consistent movements whilst offering maximum durability.

The Weight Stack – Dual 180lbs independent weight stacks allow you to use one side of the machine at a time if you want to do unilateral movements such as single arm shoulder press or single arm chest press.

The Attachments – The carriage system allows for universal accessories such as handles, bars and ropes. As standard this machine comes with high density foam rubber handles and grips. My favorite addition to this machine is its pull up bar, as it's such a strong structure the pull up bar gives a whole new dimension to home training.

Space Saving = The design of the GDCC210 allows for a small footprint whilst still being able to keep optimal function and a heavy total weight. The slight curve enables you to put the machine into a corner allowing you to keep some space free for other exercises.

You can buy the Body Solid Functional Home Gym Weight Stack Training Center GDCC210 here (lowest price: $1,950.00):

Exercises You Can Perform on the GDCC210

  • Pull UpsCables Are A Functional Training Essential With The Body Solid GDCC210 In This Review
  • Cable Biceps Curl
  • Cable Triceps Extension
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Cable Chest Fly
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Single Arm Row (low and high)
  • Cable Lateral Raise
  • Cable Upright Row
  • Cable Russian Twist
  • Cable Wood Chop
  • Cable Deadlifts
  • Cable Lunges
  • Cable Reverse Fly
  • Single Arm Rear Delt Fly
  • Standing Cable Chest Press
  • Cable Pull-through
  • Cable Romanian Deadlift
  • Standing Cable Shoulder Press
  • Cable Dead Bugs
  • Muscle Ups

If you purchase a ball or bench separately this will add another dimension to your training and even more exercises.

Body-Solid GDCC210 [Video]

Example Training Regime

Workout A

  • Pullups 3 x 10
  • Seated Row 3 x15
  • Bodyweight Squats 3 x10
  • Lunges with low cable 3 x 15
  • Press Ups 3 x 10
  • Standing Cable Fly 3 x 15
  • Cable Romanian Deadlift 3 x 10
  • Hip Bridge 3 x 15

Workout B

  • Standing Cable Shoulder Press 3 x 10
  • Standing Cable Lateral Raise 3 x15
  • Standing Cable Bicep Curl 3 x 10
  • Standing Cable Triceps Pulldown 3 x 15
  • Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 10
  • Cable Dead Bug 3 x 156
You can buy the Body Solid Functional Home Gym Weight Stack Training Center GDCC210 here (lowest price: $1,950.00):

Body Solid GDCC210 FAQ's

Woman Using A Gym Ball With Cables On The Body Solid GDCC210 In This Review

What are the product dimensions?

83.5"H x 64"L x 38"W

Are there upgrades available?

Yes, there is an optional 50lb weight increase upgrade.

Does the pull up bar have multiple handgrips?

The pull up bar is dual position for even more versatility.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the GDCC210 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds. 3 years on everything else except the cables, grips and upholstery.

Are the pulleys safe?

The pulley system features fiberglass reinforced nylon cables with solid locking. The cables can hold up to 2500lbs.

Is this machine suitable for a shoulder injury?

Dependent on the type of injury, this machine can be used to train the rotator cuff muscles as well as integrating shoulder exercise with the whole body helping rehabilitation.

Do you recommend purchasing other accessories with this machine?

I would recommend some attachments such as a rope for arm work, a cable bar for pressing and pulling, ankle cuffs for glute kickbacks. As well as an adjustable bench or stability ball. Although as a stand-alone machine it has more than enough variations.

How can I use this machine to build muscle?

By utilizing compound movements such as pressing and pulling but also increasing the weight each week. You must be training a minimum of twice a week with weights to keep them improving.

I am very tall will this machine still be effective for me?

Yes, the GDCC210 is extremely versatile with its 20 point adjustments and dual weight stack.

GDCC210 Review Pull Up Bar Feature

Is there a quality finish?

An electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects it from chipping, cracking and corrosion. It also makes cleaning very easy.

Is it easy to assemble?

Due to the weight and size of this product do not attempt to assemble this alone. For proper assembly have ready the following tools; wrench set, allen set, rubber mallet, knife.Professional installers can take up to 2 hours for assembly.

Does it take much maintenance?

Ensure your check your equipment before each use, check the cables and that the pulley is locked. Wipe down upholstery after each use. Replace any damaged elements immediately.

How can I reduce the risk of getting injured?

A sufficient warm including mobility, stretching as well as strengthen exercises of your weak areas is a great start to any program. Make sure you choose exercises that are appropriate to your level and that you can perform with good technique and posture.

Start with a light weight and move up to heavier once you're ready. You should also take care of your nutrition, stay hydrated and consume adequate protein.

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a form of training designed to help with everyday life challenges or to make training more specific to sports. It can be used for the elderly to help them get up off a chair easier or to help a football player turn and accelerate faster. Even if your goal is simply weight loss functional training can help as it utilizes large exercises that use 

many muscle groups, this increases energy expenditure and aids weight loss.

It will also help with balance, coordination and flexibility; through teaching your body to move from its feet better, accelerating, decelerating and control movements under load. Functional training can also be used for rehabilitation, helping to work Injured areas with synergistic support from other larger muscle groups in place of isolation exercises which could cause more damage.

The GDCC210 lets you train without restriction in more primal movement patterns.

Cable Crossover Compacte GDCC 210 Body-Solid

So What's The Verdict?

In this price range, not much can compete with the Body-Solid Functional Training Center GDCC210 in movement based exercises. If you are looking for a machine that helps with all over strength, flexibility, core strength and functional training, the GDCC210 will cover your bases for beginners and intermediates.

If your more advanced or are looking for bodybuilding a different machine that has more fixed machines and lower body varieties may be more specific to your needs.

To improve your experience with this product I would recommend some additional extras, if your goal is strength buy a separate barbell and some weight plates to perform compound movements such as; squats, deadlifts, floor presses.

If you're looking to build muscle get an adjustable bench so that you can isolate different areas of the muscle such as; incline and decline presses, incline biceps curls or decline triceps extensions.

The 180-degree rotating pulley, 20 different carriage stops and 2 dual 180 lbs weight stacks offer amazing versatility. You can change angles, heights and movements easily to adjust to your comfort. The upgrade option for those who are a little stronger makes a big difference bringing the total weight up to 220lbs per stack.

The basic yet space saving design is built to last, if you use this machine properly then it should last a lifetime. It will withstand regular and heavy use; it will also feel very stable whilst using heavy weights or performing pull ups. 

You can buy the Body Solid Functional Home Gym Weight Stack Training Center GDCC210 here (lowest price: $1,950.00):

We totally recommend the Body Solid GDCC210 as one of the best home gym's you can buy.

Body Solid Functional Training Machines [Video]

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